April 20th Update

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πŸ”₯ Hello Raiders πŸ”₯

We would like to inform that the server will be undergoing maintenance to have content update, improve server stability and fix bugs which including detail as following.

πŸ”» Maintenance schedule πŸ”»[edit]

20 April 01.00 - 05.00 (UTC-3)

Check your local time : https://goo.gl/yh1iXf

πŸ”» Update detail πŸ”»[edit]

  1. Update 3 new characters (Aisha - Wizard / Arch – Archer / Laias - Priest)
  2. Add Leo / Luna / Fluss in 3 stars hero's ticket / Add unique weapon of them in Arena shop and Mileage shop
  3. Add Jane / Reina / Pavel in Hero's Inn
  4. Modify chatacter's balance (We will inform the detail in the separated announcement)
  5. Decrease Stage 6-5 difficulty
  6. Add up character's HP in Arena
  7. Add daily event rewarding gold according to stamina consumption

πŸ”» Bugs fix and content improvement πŸ”»[edit]

  1. Fix Raid bugs (Raid result displayed before the battle completed)
  2. Show the amount of skill books on hand on the reward selecting window in Stockage
  3. Add detailed description about booster in use.
  4. Fix bug on priest transcendance skill (atk)
  5. Fix bugs on Kaulah unique weapon / Miruru 2nd skill / Morrah unique weapon
  6. Fix bug on Morrah ember stack which recovery rate decreasing had no effect
  7. Fix bug that some disability effect can be get through even when being in resistance status(Ex. Thunder of Black dragon) (Other skills are on monitoring, will be fixed in the next MA.)
  8. Fix bug on EXP giving from T6 high grade second gear(Green)
  9. Fix bug about shortcut button in scenarion quest
  10. Fix black BG displayed in chapter 6
  11. Fix bug that mask artifact has no effect with Chapter Boss
  12. Fix bug regarding no amount of rewards in chapter clear reward
  13. Decrease size of damage value in Arena (iOS is still on consideration)
  14. Fix bug related to warrior transcendance skill not count enemy's number in real-time
  15. Fixed when some of skill in status immune immunity ignores immune status and exerts effect. Solid Malop, Black Dragon, Dryer Elite Incarnate, Ghost Dryer Super Elite Incarnation , Elozed, Golden Armor Lizardman Soldier The above monsters will be modified this week due to the skill of the status immunity is ignored. In addition to the above, we are in the process of checking and further correcting the status error.



  • Judgment Day - Damage and range increase.
  • Intrepid Rush - Increases damage and range.
  • God's Agent - Reinforcement You will not be able to release the effect through the skill. Increases damage and damage. (Fixed an error where higher evasion rate was applied.)
  • Goddess Strike - Decreases cooldown and increases damage. (In case of physical melee attack avoiding, melee attack avoiding, tooltip correction, physical / magic evasion)


  • (Dedicated Weapon: Fixed a critical strike on persistent damage, increasing damage from sustained damage. )
  • Bruised Wind - Damage increases .
  • Wind reading - Fixed an error that increases the effectiveness of the skill to magical evasion.
  • Dive - Increases damage and effectiveness range. The amount of damage that is increased to the target that is dropped is reduced accordingly, and the activation time of the skill is increased. (The effect of Attribute 3 is changed to [Stern of Damage].)
  • Storm Strike - Increases damage.


  • Crush - Knockback effect is changed from the last strike to the first strike, and the damage increases. (Ignore the inability to act, the problem was used to fix the skill.)
  • Shout out of battle - Mana cost is changed to 3-> 2, and the 3rd effect changes to the basic effect. (Attribute 3 changes to increase attack power.)
  • Vortex - Fixed a problem where skill effects were not applied normally, and the damage of the last battle is lower than that of the normal battle.
  • Widespread - Increases attack power.



  • (Dedicated Weapon: Chance increases. )
  • Wrath - Mana consumption is changed to 4-> 3, increasing the cooldown.


  • (Special Weapon: Modified to have the chance of activating normally. )



  • Fire Needle - Increases the attack frequency by 5. Total damage is the same.
  • Fireball - Increases damage and effectiveness range. It stuns even when it is not in a state of fire.
  • Demon - Damage increases .
  • Fire -damage increases. Decreases the magical defense of the enemy depending on the number.


  • (Dedicated Weapon: Changed to a critical strike effect, increases the damage of sustained damage, and normalizes the recovery effect. )
  • Raven Storm - Increases the damage and reduces the punch distance.
  • Bastion Claw - Decreases cooldown and adds a permanent damage effect that quickly damages enemies that are affected.
  • Area of ​​Shadow - Decreases cooldown. Black Wind - Increases damage reduction.


  • A wedge of cold -inflicting damage to the enemy in the cold state with freezing effect. If there is no freezing condition, damage and freeze one target.
  • Ice Window - Creates an additional window of ice that deals additional damage when hitting an enemy in a cold state. This effect does not cause frost.


  • Thorny Forest - The effect of attribute 3 will be changed once more to critical poisoning status.
  • Tangled Vine - Increases the base damage and range. The explosion no longer removes the poisoned state, which reduces the damage of the explosion.
  • Forest Fury - Increases the effect range.



  • Moonlight Flash - Damage increases, tooltips change.



  • (Dedicated Weapon: Efficient effect condition is relaxed. )
  • Ground damage - Increases damage and removes the effect of punching enemies. (Attribute 3 changes to increase stun time.)
  • Shield Bats - Mana consumption is reduced by 2 -> 1, adding the effect of reducing the defenses of the affected enemy. Damage is changed to be proportionate to your armor. Reduces the cooldown on the block.
  • Guard Shield - Changes the amount of mana consumed by 3 -> 2, adding the effect of reducing the chance to hit a physical criticality. Decreases the armor increase accordingly


  • (Special Weapon: If you block enemy attacks, you have a chance to reduce the cooldown of all skills. )
  • Punching - Increases stun time.
  • Honor - Mana consumption is changed by 3-> 2. Damage and range increase.
  • Steel Fortress - The amount of mana consumed is changed by 4 -> 3, and when the effect is activated, it rushes to the target and takes a defensive posture. If you block an enemy's attack while you are in position, you damage and stun the enemy. The duration of defensive stance is reduced, and the effect of stunning and damaging enemies is retained when reused. The effect of increasing damage proportional to duration of defense posture is eliminated.


  • Day of Destruction - The effect casts faster.


  • (Dedicated Weapon: The probability is modified to apply normally.)
  • Burning Strength - Duration of knockback increases, and the damage increase effect of the character is modified to apply additional damage to the buff effect.
  • Hellfire - Increases the range of effects that damage enemies every second.
  • Lava Burst - Damage increases.
  • Firebug - Increases damage.
  • Flame - Damage increases. The effect of healing reduction is normally applied.



  • Storm Sword - The enemy around the target is changed to deal the same damage, and the damage increases. (The effect of Attribute 3 is changed to increase Critical Probability.)
  • Tramp - adds 5 seconds of magic damage reduction, silencing the enemy for a short time.
  • Blood Petal - Increases damage. (The effect of Attribute 3 is changed to increase Critical Probability.)


  • (Special Weapon: Fixed an issue where the probability of activation was applied abnormally. )
  • Absorption Strike - The amount of mana consumed changes 3 -> 2, neglecting the enemy's defenses and causing damage. The base damage is reduced to suit defense defeats.
  • Nightmare - Increases the damage and adds an effect that increases the magic damage received by the target. Skill time is reduced. (The effect of Attribute 3 changes to Increasing Critical Probability.)
  • Demon's Ball - Mana consumption is changed by 4 to 3, and you are immune to your inability to act while using the skill.
  • Harvesting - When killing an enemy, all skills have a reduced cooldown.


  • Float like a butterfly - Immune to all damage while using the skill.



Adhesive Bomb - Tooltips for how to apply are changed.


(Dedicated Weapon: adds an effect that increases the physical damage of the target affected by the effect. )

  • Bread! - Damage increases.
  • Claims about ~ - and the chance to trigger the effect of a change-down to 100%, the duration of this effect is reduced.
  • Mirre pirate! - Increases damage range.
  • The Quasi School of Medicine! - Increases the chance of activation and the range of range damage effects.