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The Arena is the PVP portion of the game with 3 types, though currently only two of the three modes are playable. This is where players can earn Victory Medals and Honor Medals for the Arena shop.

Gladi is the npc that sells Unique Weapons in the arena shop.

Arena Modes

League of Victory

Combat proceeds with one party. You can acquire general rewards.


  • The Victory League is where players create teams of 4 and do battle for 1 round.
  • Defeat all enemy team heroes within the time limit to win.
  • Upon reaching the time limit, the team with the higher HP count wins.
  • Resets every Monday at 00:00, while the prior season ends on Sunday 24:00.

Occasionally matches with an offline player will be interrupted and you'll be given the win, when the game matches you with an online opponent. You'll be matched based on your current score (rank) and tier.

  • Master 3: You can be matched with Master 3, Challenger (51th- 100th) tier.
  • Diamond 3: You can be matched with Diamond 3, Master 1 tier.

Tier after Reset

Final Tier Points after Rest Tier after Reset
Bronze I
Bronze II
Bronze III
1000 Bronze I
Silver I
Silver II
Silver III
1900 Silver I
Gold I
Gold II
Gold III
2800 Gold I
Platinum I
Platinum II
Platinum III
3700 Platinum I
Diamond I
Diamond II
Diamond III
4000 Platinum II
Master I
Master II
Master III
4300 Platinum III
Challenger (51st-100th)
Challenger (11th-50th)
Challenger (2nd-10th)
4600 Diamond I


You will get two rewards based on your Arena rank:

  1. Victory Medals every day at reset
  2. Rubies at the end of every week-long Arena season.
Rank Arena Score Daily Reward Season Reward
Champion 5500 2200 2200
Challenger 2nd-10th 5500 1600 1600
Challenger 11th-50th 5500 1400 1400
Challenger 51th and under 5500 1200 1200
Master 1st-50th 5500 1000 1000
Master 51st-100th 5500 950 950
Master 101st and under 5500 900 900
Diamond III 5200 800 800
Diamond II 4900 750 750
Diamond I 4600 700 700
Platinum III 4300 650 650
Platinum II 4000 600 600
Platinum I 3700 550 550
Gold III 3400 500 500
Gold II 3100 450 450
Gold I 2800 400 400
Silver III 2500 350 350
Silver II 2200 300 300
Silver I 1900 250 250
Bronze III 1600 200 200
Bronze II 1300 150 150
Bronze I 0 100 100

League of Honor

Ban opponent Heroes and Pick owned Heroes for this arena. Big rewards are available.

Open Time: 18:00 - 24:00 server time.

There currently is no weekly reward, but the season reward is a costume. The costume is free for the top 100 and can be purchased with Medals of Honor.


  • At least 12 heroes


  • The League of Honor Free Season is where players create teams of 4 and do battle for 1 round.
  • Each player bans 2 of the opponent's Hero list, and picks 4 from their own Hero list to use in the match.
  • All banned heroes, as well as heroes picked by your opponent, cannot be a part of your party .
  • After Team selection, defeat all enemy's team heroes withing the time limit to win.
  • Upon reaching the time limit, the team with the higher HP count wins.
  • Season Length and beginning date may differ per season.


When you are matched with another player, both of you will be set 1P or 2P randomly.

  • 1P will have the first turn to ban a hero. (20 sec time limit)
  • 2P bans one hero.
  • 1P picks 1 hero for their team.
  • 2P picks 2 heroes for their team.
  • 1P picks 1 hero for their team.
  • 2P bans another hero.
  • 1P bans another hero. (the last ban)
  • 2P picks 1 hero
  • 1P picks 2 heroes
  • 2P picks 1 hero


Regular Reward

Condition Honor Points Reward
Participation 10
Victory 20
2 Consecutive Wins 20
3 Consecutive Wins 40
4 Consecutive Wins 60
5 Consecutive Wins 80

League of Crowns

Not yet available
Combat proceeds with three parties. You can acquire enormous rewards.

Sudden Death Rule

Sudden Death Rule applies in League of Victory and League of Glory. As time passes all heroes are affected by a statues effect that is not dispellable. The first stack takes effect 20 sec after the battle begins, and additional stacks occur every following 10 sec. Max stack number is 5.

Icon Effect Time
Suddendeatheffect1.png DMG + 10%, Taken DMG +10%, Recovery -10% 20 sec
Suddendeatheffect2.png DMG + 10%, Taken DMG +10%, Recovery -10% 30 sec
Suddendeatheffect3.png DMG + 10%, Taken DMG +10%, Recovery -10% 40 sec
Suddendeatheffect4.png DMG + 20%, Taken DMG +20%, Recovery -20% 50 sec
Suddendeatheffect5.png DMG + 30%, Taken DMG +30%, Recovery -30% 60 sec

Arena Shop

League of Victory Shop

This is where Victory Medal are spent.

  • Each UW cost 30,000 victory medals.
    • With Gladi's passive, the cost will go down to 27,000.
  • 6 weeks after a new hero's release, their UW is added to the shop.
  • NPC hero's UW aren't in the shop.

League of Honor Shop

This is where Honor Medal are spent. Purchase limit will be reset on Monday midnight.

Icon Name & Purchase Limit Cost
Fragmentofinfinity.png Fragment of Infinity x200 1/1 Honor Medal 800
Assorted Essence Box.png Assorted Essence Box 1/1 Honor Medal 1000
Assorted Fragment Box.png Assorted Fragment Box 3/3 Honor Medal 700
Rune Box Ancient.png Rune Box: Ancient 3/3 Honor Medal 800
Fire Dragon Scale Box.png Fire Dragon Scale Box 1/1 Honor Medal 300
Black Dragon Scale Box.png Black Dragon Scale Box 1/1 Honor Medal 300
Poison Dragon Scale Box.png Poison Dragon Scale Box 1/1 Honor Medal 300
Frost Dragon Scale Box.png Frost Dragon Scale Box 1/1 Honor Medal 300
Artifact Piece.png Artifact Piece x100 1/1 Honor Medal 1000
Expbooster.png XP Booster (1Hr) 4/4 Honor Medal 200
StaminaPotion.png Stamina Potion x3 2/2 Honor Medal 600
Superior Enchant Box.png Superior Enchant Box 1/1 Honor Medal 1000
XPpotiondeluxe.png XP Potion (Deluxe) 4/4 Honor Medal 50
50px Unique Treasure Fragment x40 5/5 Honor Medal 200
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