Black Dragon

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Turbulent Spear of Obsidian
A dragon wielding powerful dark magic. It uses a Dark Flame attack that reduces ATK based on enemy distance. Be wary of its Dark Flame skill.
NM Recommended Heroes
Gauico.png Laiasico.png Lorraineico.png
HM Recommended Heroes
Viskaico.png Leoico.png Roiico.png

A party of 3 players may fight the black dragon.


BDdarkwhip.png Dark Whip
NM Cooldown: 15s / HM Cooldown: 15s
Deals P.DMG to enemies within range. Enemies located further away will be affected by Dark Flame, reducing their ATK.
BDblackflamebreath.png Black Flame Breath
NM Cooldown: 30s / HM Cooldown: 30s
Breathes Fire horizontally, dealing a large amount of DMG and inflicting enemies with Dark Flame.

Hard Mode: Exhales fire forward, dealing P.DMG and inflicting Dark Flame upon targets.

BDobsidianspear.png Obsidian Spear
NM Cooldown: 25s / HM Cooldown: 25s
Shoots Dark Flame in a straight line, dealing large M.DMG and removing positive status effects. Enemies inflicted by Dark Flame take more DMG.

Hard Mode: Exhales Dark Flame in a straight line, dealing P.DMG and removing all positive effects.

BDdragonfury.png Dragon Fury
NM Cooldown: 60 sec / HM Cooldown: 60s
Flies up into the air and burns the entire area. Dealing massive M.DMG to all enemies. Enemies inflicted by Dark Flame take more DMG.

Hard Mode: Flies up and burns the entire area. Deals massive P.DMG to all enemies.

PDarmartashide.png Armarta's Hide
• Hard Mode Only
Armarta is not affected by ATK SPD effects. Armata also takes less DMG from ranged enemies but takes more DMG from melee enemies.
PDarmartasstrom.png Armarta's Storm
• Hard Mode Only
Every 100 hits Armarta takes, Lightning is activated for 2 sec. Every 0.5 sec, lightning will attack 3 enemies and inflict stun while increasing the cooldown of all skills currently on cooldown by 1 sec each. With each activation of Lightning, the duration of the Lightning state will be increased.


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