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A test subject that has lost his past and a berserk warrior who fights wildly with his overflowing power in battle. A powerful weapon that destroys anything that gets in his way.


  • Chase is a 27 year old man.
  • He is 196cm (6'4' feet)
  • His birthday is June 22.
  • His constellation is Mira the Minstrel.
  • He likes Scarlet, Demia, Clause, and friends that call him by this name.
  • He dislikes his memories from his past and his test subject number.
  • Orvelia (Orvelia's nobles) bought him from the empire to murder Orvelia Kingdom's heir, Scarlet.
  • Instead of having Chase executed, Scarlet decided to make him her guardian.
  • Special thanks to king's raid player 'Arcreux' for sending Chase's screenshots to help edit the wiki.

Story from the game: A man who has lost his memory. Test subject type.0 that was born as a part of the human enhancement experiment of the empire. As the first type of the Project Evil Knights that were only made to kill, Chase was brought through a secretive contract with the empire to assassinate the sole successor to its throne, Scarlet. However, he went berserk for unknown reasons during a fight against Clause and Demia who were guarding Scarlet, and he abandoned his mission and left. He failed to kill Scarlet and disappeared, so the nobles who had commissioned the assassination found themselves in trouble. In the end, they hired another assassination group, the Laughing Mask, to have him killed. However, Scarlet already gave him a name, Chase, and let him stay by her side.


Story from patch notes:

He is the first output that was made from the Evil Knight’s great plan. He does not remember anything about himself. Orvelia nobles used him as a killing machine, to take over the power from princess Scarlet. However, their assassination plan was failed because of 2 loyal guardians – Demia & Clause. During the severe battle, the mind control link was cut from the nobles and he was able to escape from the battlefield. They were scared of their secret experiment being revealed to the world. As expected, he was targeted by both parties. He had to run away and fight the enemies over and over again. However, one day, the Faith of Silver saved his life. “I will give you a name. From now on, you will be called ‘Chase’. Now rise and hold the sword for me”

Unique Weapon[edit]

Item introduction: A weapon for Enhanced Human Type.0 that was made after thousands of attempts in one of the laboratories of the empire. Enhanced Human Type.0 destroyed everything as soon as he woke up from the laboratory in order to find a weapon that could withstand his power. In the end, he tore out the horn of the monster Cannibal, which was known to have swallowed Arrogance out of the 7 sins. This horn went through the hands of the greatest blacksmiths of the empire and became the Blood Lancer Monolith. The flame of sin is burning inside the weapon, and whatever it pierces cannot be healed. The feeling of striking with this weapon pleasurable enough to make him forget about the lingering attachment to his lost memory.

Unique Treasure[edit]

Item introduction: Pauldron that Chase wears on one shoulder. It is made up of special ores that are hard to find in the Orbis Continent. It's light but extremely sturdy and unbreakable. An item that Demia managed to get for Chase, since Scarlet was fond of him. Demia didn't show it much, but she was intrigued by how Chase normally seemed so naive, and yet was enthusiastic when it came to sparring. Demia watched him for a few days, and one day, patting his shoulder, she nonchalantly gave Chase the pauldron. She told him that fighting was important, but it was also important to take care of his own body.