Culture Ensemble

These costumes were made available for purchase in the Special Shop after the 10th January 2019 patch and 24 January 2019 patch.

These costumes provide a 4% EXP buff and 2% gold boost.

Promotional ArtEdit

In GameEdit

Special Shop School Season, Beach Party, Trick or Treat, Super Star, Merry X-Mas, World Fair, Frozen Fantasy, Academic Flair, Wedding March, Summer Tide, Tender Embrace, Devoted Servant, Yuletide Carols, Witching Hour, Culture Ensemble, Lovers Blessing, User's Pick, Tropical Getaway, Athletic Meet, Casual Fashion, Ghostly Banquet, Heroic Career, Festive Noels, Sweet Dreams, Class of Heroes, Love & Passion, Beach 2020, Halloween 2020
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