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Amity point can exchange with your friends by press on Exchange Amity Point button in the friend list


  • Players can send amity once per day, until server reset time.
  • You will 3 amity points when you send or receive.

Meaning for 1 friend, you can get a total 6 point per day. With a full 50 friends, you can earn a maximum of 300 per day. Keep in mind that you can only hold a maximum of 3000 amity points.

Amity is only used in Hero's Inn to buy items from the shop or to build kinship with a hero. It is recommended that amity only be used to build kinship with heroes and not used in the inn's shop. As the Guild offers stamina potions which are a better choice and materials for NPC gifts can be acquired by grinding unneeded gear.

Crystallized Powder[edit]

Originally called World Boss Points, but was changed to Crystallized Powder after the 26th Oct 2017 patch. It is earned by participating in the World Boss.

It's given after each fight, the more damage you do the more you will get. There is a daily reward give that is given after reset and after the season ends, the amount depends on your rank.

Daily Season
Rank Powder Rubies Powder
1 Crystallized Powder 2000 Ruby 1500 Crystallized Powder 2000
2 Crystallized Powder 1800 Ruby 1200 Crystallized Powder 1800
3 Crystallized Powder 1700 Ruby 1050 Crystallized Powder 1700
4 - 10 Crystallized Powder 1600 Ruby 900 Crystallized Powder 1600
11 - 100 Crystallized Powder 1450 Ruby 750 Crystallized Powder 1450
Upper 1% Crystallized Powder 1300 Ruby 600 Crystallized Powder 1300
Upper 5% Crystallized Powder 1200 Ruby 450 Crystallized Powder 1200
Upper 10% Crystallized Powder 1000 Ruby 375 Crystallized Powder 1000
Upper 25% Crystallized Powder 800 Ruby 300 Crystallized Powder 800
Upper 50% Crystallized Powder 600 Ruby 225 Crystallized Powder 600
Upper 100% Crystallized Powder 400 Ruby 150 Crystallized Powder 400

It is mainly used to buy Artifacts from Orvel Castle Shop.

Dragon Coin[edit]

Currency used to buy dragon raid gear from the Forge, it is earned by clearing dragon Raids.


Gold is the main currency in the game. It is used primarily to purchase items from the General Store, enhancing equipment in the Forge, and crafting.

Earning: Earning gold isn't difficult, but may take time depending on how far into the game you are.

  • Story Mode gives some or a lot of gold, depending on the difficulty you are farming, how quickly your clearing a stage, and if you're selling everything.
  • Orvel Castle can be entered 5 times a day and rewards the player with gold for clearing floors.
  • Gold Booster, increase gold gained by 100%
  • Clearing Raids give chests that contain 25,000 to 1 mil gold

Note: Farming Story Mode or doing Orvel Castle during Hot Time doubles the gold earned.

Honor Medal[edit]

Honor Medals are gained by participating and/or winning in League of Honor. These are used to purchase items from the League of Honor Shop.

Regular Reward

Condition Honor Points Reward
Participation 10
Victory 20
2 Consecutive Wins 20
3 Consecutive Wins 40
4 Consecutive Wins 60
5 Consecutive Wins 80

Season Reward
Not yet implemented

Weekly Reward
Not yet implemented


Mileage is received from making various purchases at the Special Shop.

It can be used to buy a Unique Weapon Ticket for 4,000 Mileage.


Premium currency that can be bought from the Special Shop or earned in game. Further information such as spending and earning them in game can be found here.

Victory Medal[edit]

Victory Medal or Honor Points is the currency of the Arena and are given at the end of reset, the amount given is dependent on your arena rank.

Rank Arena Score Daily Reward Season Reward
Champion 5500 2200 2200
Challenger 2nd-10th 5500 1600 1600
Challenger 11th-50th 5500 1400 1400
Challenger 51th and under 5500 1200 1200
Master 1st-50th 5500 1000 1000
Master 51st-100th 5500 950 950
Master 101st and under 5500 900 900
Diamond III 5200 800 800
Diamond II 4900 750 750
Diamond I 4600 700 700
Platinum III 4300 650 650
Platinum II 4000 600 600
Platinum I 3700 550 550
Gold III 3400 500 500
Gold II 3100 450 450
Gold I 2800 400 400
Silver III 2500 350 350
Silver II 2200 300 300
Silver I 1900 250 250
Bronze III 1600 200 200
Bronze II 1300 150 150
Bronze I 0 100 100

Other sources of medals are Missions, 100 medals from Daily and 300 from Weekly.

Note that it takes 30,000 medals to purchase just one unique weapon from the arena shop.