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Basic Information[edit]

Raids are considered end game content and become available once a hero reaches level 30.

Players can either do raids solo with 8 heroes similar to World Bosses or with a group of up to 3 players. In Multiplayer, 9 slots are available and each player can set a maximum of 4 characters for the deck. An example is P1 has 4 characters, P2 has 4 characters, and P3 has one character. Or all three players can have 3 players. Any combination will work. If you only have two players, you still can only set a maximum of 4 heroes, so one character slot will have to be left empty.

Dragon Raid[edit]


Defeat the 4 types of Dragons to obtain the Dragon's Rewards. This includes Heroic (Purple), Ancient (Red), and Legendary (Orange) Equipment.


  • The Normal raids are where you will spend most of your time grinding from early to late game. From Stages 3 through 7, there is a X-1 and X-2 variant. The X-1 variant dragon will be at the base level of the Stage level. An example of this is 3-1 the Dragon and additional monsters will be 30. In 3-2, they are usually bumped up to 33.
  • In Stage 8 for all dragons, the difficulty modifier goes from 1 to 10. Higher stage levels grant more odds of getting 1* or 2* equipment, enchant scrolls drop chance and quality, and higher amount of dragon coins.
  • Hard mode is unlocked after clearing level 75 of a raid. The sole purpose for Hard mode is to drop Enchant Scrolls of their respective dragons (Ice and Poison enchants being the most desired for their Crit Dmg and Atk% enchants respectively.)
- Hard mode dragons have additional skills (such as Black Dragon's immunity to ranged attacks) and have shorter cooldowns.
  • Loot is affected by the number players in a raid. More people will result in more rewards. You can see Dragon Raid Loot for an unfinished table of dragon raid coins.
  • It is highly recommended to bring heroes with CC, with characters like Gau, Maria, and/or T4 Lorraine with her UT being considered essential for breaking into higher levels in Dragon Raids. (Because of Lorraine's high requirements for being a CC hero, unless you like her a lot just use Gau and/or Maria).
  • Each dragon has a number of phases, which differ between the dragons. And defeating the dragons also rewards players with a legendary gear and Dragon Coin which can be used to buy specific dragon gear from the Forge.


  • For the most success in auto-playing Dragon raids, aim for 50% attack speed reduction and attack reduction. This will greatly improve your survivability by allowing more time to break the Dragon's stun gauge.
  • For newer players, this is the content you will spend the most time in. From the beginning, it is ideal to build an entire 8 man team focused on dragons. You should be fine damage-wise with one dealer and one subdealer who is preferably AoE oriented.
  • The Fire Dragon is entirely magic-based, so Assassins, Mechanics, and Archers will find themselves having a hard time surviving on harder difficulties without a lot of support due to their secondary option being very weak in terms of magic defense. You may even need to opt to use a bracer with offensive option lines to survive. It does have the easiest mechanics, however, and with enough damage, you can easily brute force the boss (especially with at least 50% attack speed reduction.) This is the dragon you will spend the most time farming, as two Mana on Attack option lines is the same as the black dragon set, in exchange for not needing two Crit option lines. [Whoever added this last line is either talking about an outdated set or there is misinformation in play.]
  • The Frost Dragon and his add mechanic, the Ice Crystal that detonates if not destroyed fast enough, have incredibly high magic block sometimes even seemingly being immune to magic in Stage 8-X. For the vast majority of players, you need a physical team to deal with this dragon. His gear is not that important except for tanks, and it is possible to use dragon coins to get the Frost Dragon gear for your tanks instead, skipping it entirely. Frost Dragon does have the best enchant scrolls for damage dealers, however, so eventually you will want to make a team to farm it much later in the game.
  • The Poison Dragon deals hybrid Magical and Physical damage, leaves a nasty damage over time effect on your team that needs to be cleansed, and spawns slimes similar to Floor 61 in the Artifact tower that cannot be stunned and will detonate for lethal damage to your units near it (Fighters, Assassins, Knights). Ideally, you will want to use characters with powerful AoE skillsets like Artemia, Miruru, Zaffir, etc. Should you slay him, his set gives crit resistance as a set bonus. 500 Crit resist seems to be the soft cap before DR hits, with 230 being provided by the options, so you would need only 2 or 3 Crit resist lines for a PVP set (50% crit resist lowers enemy crit rating by 50%, improving your survivability in PVP).
  • The Black Dragon deals extreme hybrid damage compared to the other dragons and provides the most sought after gear for mana users (which is everyone except Bernheim as of May 2019).
    • Its tail swipe is physical and will usually one-shot supports, assassins, and wizards without having 5* primary gear and Orbs.
    • Unlike the other dragons, when the Black Dragon flies, it will deal a massive burst of damage that will most likely kill any squishy members of your team.
    • It also randomly strikes two characters throughout the fight with lightning that deals VERY high magic damage that stuns.
    • After Phase 1 ends at half-life, he flies away and adds whelps spawn similar to the Fire Dragon. However, it comes back down only a few seconds later and you must fight the whelps and the dragon simultaneously. Even after the whelps are killed, he will resummon them throughout the fight.
    • This dragon needs to be stunlocked more than any other dragon, and the adds constantly need to die to AoE, while simultaneously having enough debuffs on the dragon and buffs on allies to simply survive.
    • Once you are able to farm 8-1 on auto with a high success rate, however, you have basically won the Dragon Raids and will finally be able to trick out all of your T2 or higher heroes in the highly coveted black dragon T8 gear.



Gear Name 2 Set Gear Bonus 4 Set Gear Bonus
Fire Crit + 100 Crit + 130
Frost Max HP +10% Max HP +13%
Poison Crit Resistance + 100 Crit Resistance + 130
Black MP Recovery/Attack +200 MP Recovery/Attack +260


Challenge Raid[edit]


Challenge Raids are content that opens in random fashion and order.


Challenge Raid Period: 2 weeks
Join requirement: You must have at least one Lv.35 hero
Party Info: Max 3 Player Party (Max 3 heroes per player)

Open Rules[edit]

  • Challenge Raids are raids that open differently each season.
  • Single/Multiplayer
  • Banned heroes or classes; the rules change every time, so make sure to check up on them.
  • Caution: 24 hours after a season ends, rewards can no longer be received.

Battle Rules[edit]

The fight against the Cruel Tyrant known as the Urkak, the Fallen Goblin King, is a battle that up to 3 players may participate in. Each player can set only 3 heroes.

Ranking Criteria[edit]

This season has no ranking.