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Estelle physical support archer article is stub and stuff, missing uts, uws, recommended ut/stat lines, pros/cons, (recommend atk speed, and ut2 for general boss pve)

skill 1.1 [Blow, Tailwind!!] (skill 1 has two versions that swaps between on use, separate cooldowns for both) Dispels negative effects from all allies, heals their hp for ???, and grants [Tailwind] that lasts for 10 sec. For the duration of [Tailwind] The affected ally gains immunity to CC. AFter us, changes the Skill to [Blow, Headwind!!]. When used during [Adventure Guide] State the duration of [Tailwind] Increases by 5 sec

skill 1.2 [Blow, Headwind!!]

we really need more anti bot stuff here perhaps more tools and stuff could block everybody from editing unless they do a simple quiz with random questions about king's raid that a noob can answer like warrior base crit chance how much crit to 100% what perk to chose for seria 100% crit, etc, etc sorry for putting this here but idk where really else to put this lmao