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Events are listed and marked in the Calendar, which can be found by tapping the "scroll and pen" icon to the right of the chat icon. On the upper right corner of the Calendar is the Server Time.

To see past event items click here.

Constant Events[edit]


Hot Time[edit]

Hot Time occurs twice in a day.

  • 12:00-14:00 server time
  • 20:00-23:00 server time

During Hot Time players will receive an exp and gold boost buff for the duration of the event. So it is the ideal time to farm Story Mode or complete Ancient Royal Vault.

Note: Hot Time stacks with Boosters of the same effect.


Happens every other week on Saturdays and Sundays.

Upper Dungeon Event[edit]

Upper Dungeon free entry limit is doubled. During this event players will have 10 entries for Upper Dungeon.

Note: That reset amount does not change and will still only give 5 entries.

Royal Treasury Doubled PL[edit]

Free entry to the Treasury is doubled.

Note: Resetting the dungeon will only give 5 entries.

Reoccurring Events[edit]

These events will return but have no set schedule or only occurs once a year.

Regular Events[edit]

Double Kinship[edit]

Kinship gained for the duration of the event is doubled.

The Transcendence Day[edit]

Upgrade a heroes from 4 stars to T5 to get rewards.

Room of Purification 50% Discount![edit]

50% discount cost in the Room of Purification in the Hall of Heroes.

2 Dungeons Double Entries[edit]

Double Entries for Upper Dungeon and Stockade!

Note: that recharging will only give you 5 keys.

Juno's Special Meal Event[edit]

Logging in at specific times will allow players to claim a Food from Juno (in the Event Tab).

  • Breakfast: 07:00 - 10:00, Hot Spring Egg x3
  • Lunch: 11:00 - 14:00, Special Meat Stew x3
  • Dinner: 18:00 - 21:00, Silver Castfish Filet x3
  • Late-night Snack: 22:00 - 24:00, Gold Hot Spring Egg x3

Special Shop Events[edit]

Special shop events comprise of discounts and special packages appearing in the event tab or the Special Shop.

All in One Package[edit]

For the duration of this event a special All-in-One package can be bought from the Special Shop.

Costume Discounts[edit]

Certain Costumes will be discount by 30%.

Note: New costumes are also discount for a week after their release.

New Hero Package Sale[edit]

These packages go on sale after the release of a new hero.

New Hero Special Item Summon Rate Up[edit]

Items summon rate up for Summon Special Item x 10 only via [New Hero] tab. (Double chance to acquire a UW and Artifact.)

Note: This event usually starts after the release of a new hero.

Special Item Summon Event[edit]

Various reward items will be given based on how many times you've used Summon Special Item x 10.

Level Up Pack[edit]

For the duration of this event a Level Up Pack package can be bought from the Special Shop.

Holiday Events[edit]

Occurs once a year.


Halloween Dungeon[edit]

The Halloween Dungeon opens for the duration of the event.

Special Christmas Dungeon[edit]

Details are from 2017's Christmas Dungeon:

Find Talisha, who visited Orvel Castle to celebrate Christmas, to enter the Christmas Dungeon.

Christmas Invasion of the Lonely King[edit]

Defeat Protianus who invaded Orvel in Christmas.

Orvelia New Year's Fireworks![edit]

Craft New Year's Sparks to enjoy the festival and acquire various rewards.

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