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The Cursed Blood

3 star costume

4 star costume

5 star costume

Class Assassin
Role ?
Atk Type Magical
Position Front
Grade ★★★

A mixed-blood between high-rank demon and human, Ezekiel is damned to curse his own existence. Slashes his powerful demonic right arm to tear apart his enemies. Magic Damage


Pros and Cons[edit]

+ high dmg output in fury mode
+ relatively low cool downs and mana costs per skill


Perk 1

"Atk and HP perks for PVE"

Perk 2

"Opportune Strike for PVE"

Perk 3

"For T3 perks it depends, you can go with S1 Dark perk and S3 Dark perk if you got high MP/atk, supports that gives mana, or 2 ATK runes and 1 MP/atk for unique weapon. The other build is S1 Light and S3 Dark, the logic behind this is to get fast fury and abuse the ignore defense in auto attack also to get the aspd buff as many times possible while in fury mode."

Perk 5

"T5 perk is Dark"


"For GRH/WB/Single boss contents go with BOE, on adventure Cow, Brazier, or Cat."


Ezekiel is a high investment hero and needs really high unique weapon to be good. He is also deeply reliant to his unique treasure, the difference of having a UT is very clear compared to having none. On item sets, he goes mainly on black dragon set or manticore set. On options its just the standard dps build atk, atk spd, crit, and crit dmg. on the 5th option its either of the 4 stated earlier. On runes just go with either 3 ATK runes/ 2 ATK runes and 1 MP/ATK runes on uw and crit and crit dmg.


Destructive Instinct Destructive Instinct[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 8 sec Cooldown
Swipes nearby enemies in a circular range and deals 50,734 M.DMG. Then strikes the ground, dealing 65,905 M.DMG and knocking down enemies for 3 sec.
Fury - Consumes 15% of current HP to activate. Effect range increases and swipe attack draws in enemies.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 25%.

Destructive Instinct Animation

Dawning Despair Dawning Despair[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 10 sec Cooldown
Dashes to an enemy with the highest ATK and deals 105,464 M.DMG to enemies in range, reducing their ATK Spd by 300.
Fury - Consumes 10% of current HP to activate. Effect range increases, stuns target for 3 sec, and increases own ATK Spd by 300 for 10 sec.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 25%.

Dawning Despair Animation

Strike of Doom Strike of Doom[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 7 sec Cooldown
Charges energy and attacks target enemy, dealing 115,049 M.DMG and inflicting stun for 3 sec.
Fury - Consumes 20% of current HP to activate. Attacks enemies in range of target and DMG is tripled.

 20 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 25%.

Strike of Doom Animation

Cursed Blood Cursed Blood[edit]

Ezekiel gains 1 stack of Cursed Blood at the end of skill. Upon the 4th stack, consumes Cursed Blood to reset all skill cooldown, dealing 220,255 M.DMG to nearby enemies and knocking them down for 3 sec, while activating Fury for 10 sec, that cannot be dispelled. While in Fury state, goes into an auto-battle mode that cannot be controlled, and ATK is increased by 112,333, auto attack DMG is doubled, and all Skill effect are reinforced. Cannot gain Cursed Blood during Fury state, except for when killing an enemy.

 20 Skill Book: Master DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master DMG is increased by 25%.

Cursed Blood Animation

Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Destructive Instinct Destructive Instinct[edit]

[Light] DMG is increased by 40%.
[Dark] After activation, ATK is increased by 40% for 5 sec.

Dawning Despair Dawning Despair[edit]

[Light] Mana cost is reduced by 1.
[Dark] When activated during Fury state, ignores target DEF.

Strike of Doom Strike of Doom[edit]

[Light] Becomes immune to CC during activation.
[Dark] If there is 1 enemy, DMG is increased by 100%.

Cursed Blood Cursed Blood[edit]

[Light] When in Fury state, heal rate is increased by 50%.
[Dark] Per every stacked Cursed Blood, takes 12% reduced DMG.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Ezekiel Ezekiel[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / ATK Spd +100.
[Dark] When in Fury state, auto attack deals DMG that ignores DEF.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Jailer of Despair, Barbatos
Jailer of Despair, Barbatos
Star Value Value
Fury duration is increased by 2 sec and when in Fury stat, Crit GDMG is increased by 80%
3 90%
★★ 4 100%
★★★ 5 110%
★★★★ 6 120%
★★★★★ 7 130%
  • Item introduction: Ezekiel's father was one of the highest-ranking Demons. Although he does not know his father's name or face, he is aware of the tremendous power of the Demon blood he inherited. The Demon blood flowing within his veins also gave him a second personality. When his human blood prevails, Ezekiel is a young man of excellent character. At other times, he is an immensely powerful and arrogant Demon, just like his father, Barbatos, jailer of Despair, manifests itself when Ezekiel's Demon blood is in full power. Taking the form of one of his arms, this weapon is powerful enough to slash through dimensions and sever the space itself. It is the physical representation of his father's power.

Unique Treasure[edit]

Sealing Binds
Sealing Binds
Star Value
[Strike of Doom] DMG is increased by 20% and gains 1 additional stack of Cursed Blood after using the skill.
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item introduction: A bond containing the mana of unknown priest. Young Ezekiel used to go berserk frequently. If anyone insulted his mom, he would allow his boiling demon blood to take over. Once he return to his sense, he would stare at this wounded arms and his terrified mom. When he was getting older, Ezekiel was getting rid of demons when he got into an argument with a bigger priest of Lua. He went berserk, just like any other day. Ezekiel was alone when he came to, and he was taken aback by the bond on his cursed arm. When he tried to take it off, he found the priest's magic couldn't be shaken off so easily. However, he stopped going berserk and losing his consciousness after that. He's gained greater control over his mana, so it's now one of his most treasured items.

2nd Unique Treasure[edit]

Wild Beast's Choker
Wild Beast's Choker
Star Value
[Dawning Despair] Gains Immunity to CC for the skill's duration and increases ATK Spd by 100 for 10 sec.
★★ 140
★★★ 170
★★★★ 210
★★★★★ 250
  • Item Introduction: Choker made with the skin of a powerful beast. Loot that celebrates the manticore that Ezekiel hunted after a hard battle against the Demons when he was young. Ezekiel remembers the joy of killing the manticore every time he touches the violet beast's choker, just before he charges at the formidable enemy in front of him.

3rd Unique Treasure[edit]

Wild Beast's Leather Belt
Wild Beast's Leather Belt
Star Value
[Destructive Instinct] Upon use, heals own HP by 15%, and for 10 sec, increases M.DMG target receives by 10%
★★ 14%
★★★ 17%
★★★★ 21%
★★★★★ 25%
  • Item Introduction: When Ezekiel made a choker with Manticore's leather, he made a double-layered leather belt along with it. The leather has the unique quality of holding demonic energy and causing insanity, so this belt casts fear on the surrounding area when Ezekiel explodes his demonic power. This binds and immobilizes those with weak minds.

4th Unique Treasure[edit]

Sculpture of Blood
Sculpture of Blood
Star Value
At the beginning of first battle, Ezekiel gains 2 stacks of [Cursed [Blood]. While under Fury, DMG dealt to bosses increases by 20%
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item Introduction: Sudden surges of energy on young Ezekiel's right arm left countless wounds and scars on his arms and hands. When the arm is calm and the blood drips on the floor, his mind would settle with his eyes fixated on the blood. Ezekiel would wait until the blood stops, pick up a stone soaked in his blue blood, and start carving a small sculpture that looks like his own right hand.



  • Added on 2018, Feb 8th patch
  • Ezekiel is a half human and half demon hybrid.
  • He seems to hold much anger and hatred and have a short temperament but surprisingly loves sweet things.
  • Ezekiel was born June 6th, ironically it is said to be the month of "love".
  • His constellation is Mira the Minstrel.
  • He likes Caramel pudding and sweet drinks.
  • He dislikes those that are weak and act tough and those who act as if they know everything.
  • He is around 19 years old.
  • He is 195cm which is around 6'4" feet.
  • His father is one of those responsible for the fall of Grey dukedom/republic.

Story from the game: The son of Lucikiel, a powerful demon officer who brought down the republic of grey. Usually considerate and careful, he is actually half human. In battle, his demon blood takes over, turning him arrogant and violent. He inherited this power from his father, whom he never even knew. However, he takes pride in his power and does not try to hide it. Since he is only partly demon, only a single arm undergoes the transformation. However, even just this single arm contains immense power, and its certainly not easy for him to fully control it yet. If he loses the control of the arm, the only wise decision is to immediately get as far away from his as possible.

Ezekiel's story from the patch notes:

Why? You have never seen demon arms? You know, people who bothered me… I’ve torn them into pieces with this arm. With this power…. Perhaps my father must be someone very powerful. But… Why?! Why another me is so weak! Look, even I had this power, I was getting beaten up by a bunch of morons like you! Oh, oh you are afraid of hurting someone? So, you are telling me, you are cursing this power? Gee… Give me a break! You know what? Speaking of, I just wanna kill every single one of them.. Ah.. Oh yeah… One is already dead. Well.. Let’s see… What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I remember now. Obviously, I was talking about my father… Forget it.. Just die!


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