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About Server[edit]

How do I change servers?

At the login screen, in the bottom right corner is the option to select you server.

There are currently only six servers to choose from as of 28th June 2018 Global 500 Day Anniversary: Started from Korea on February 2017, followed by America, Asia, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan. Total 6 servers with 11 languages throughout 150 nations.

Can I transfer my data to another server?

As of the moment, no. If you want to move to another server, you'll have to start from scratch.

Which server should I pick?

It would be best to pick a server closest to your timezone. So you don't miss out on time affect events.

Taiwan is the youngest server, and Korea is the oldest.

About Playing[edit]

Is now a good time to start, or should I wait for a special event/promo?

You can start anytime. And the sooner the better since if there's any event, older players also get the same benefits.

Do I need to reroll?

No need to reroll in this game because:

1. Even if you got a hero's weapon you don't want and want to reroll until you got what you want, you'll still get many other random unique weapon later which are also random. Maybe you got what you want at the 2nd random UW ticket or from 10x special summon.

2. You can't reuse the nickname you already use.

Tips on Newbie Player?

  • You get 5 Starter Heroes for free (Kasel, Frey, Cleo, Roi, Clause and 3 hero tickets (2*, 3*, and 5*). Use the ticket wisely.

2* tickets only contain all based 2* heroes
3* tickets only contain some based 3* heroes (need to check on the ticket which heroes are on the list since not all heroes can be picked)
5* tickets contain some based 2* and 3* heroes (need to check on the ticket which heroes are on the list since not all heroes can be picked)

  • You need to choose what team you want to focus first. Is it Magic Team or Physic Team. Then you can choose the main DPS, and choose the rest heroes who can support the main DPS better.
  • Rule of Thumb of a 4-hero team is: Tank + DPS + CC + Healer // Tank + DPS + Sub-DPS + Healer
  • Examples of Magic Team:

1. Jane + Mirianne + Lorraine + Laias
2. Aselica + Aisha + Viska + Frey
3. Sonia + Theo + Artemia + Kaulah

  • Examples of Physic Team:

1. Phillop + Selene + Miruru + Mediana
2. Ricardo + Reina + Naila + Rephy

  • Save the Red 10x Special Summon until there's an event like pulling 20 times of Red 10x Special Summon or Rates Up 2x Red 10x Special Summon.
  • Join a Guild as soon as you can, but need to choose an active one. As a really newbie, it is fine if you joined some random unactive guild, but once your team level is 15+, you can start searching the active one, as it will help you more with the guild passive and you can get some guild coins to use at the Guild Shop.
  • Add as many friends until it's full 50/50. You will need the amity for the Hero Inn and maybe if exceeds, you can buy some materials at the inn shop to craft gift for NPC heroes.
  • Hero Inn is the best and free way to obtain heroes. Choose any hero you want and start relationship with him/her. You only can start a relationship to 1 hero. You need to come here daily to greet, start conversation, and send gift to the hero you are taking a relationship with.

About Maintenance[edit]

When is maintenance?

Scheduled Maintenance: Every other Thursday (Once every 2 weeks)
Maintenance Announcement Post: Will be posted on Tuesday before the maintenance
Patch Note Post: Will be posted during maintenance

  • As the Maintenance Schedule may be changed, we will post an announcement in advance.
  • There may be Urgent Maintenance if any urgent issues occur.


Can I use an emulator to play KR? And use the emulator's built in macro?[edit]

Yes and yes. KR doesn't count emulators or macros as mod programs. So you won't be banned for using them.

Source: FB, plugcafe

Where's the best place to farm exp and gold that isn't Hell mode?[edit]

6-8 hard, Sell the orbs to get more gold.

What is a Leecher?[edit]

People who join raids but can't contribute much to the team due to lacking gear or being low level.

Note that it is proper etiquette that leechers bid last. But for Auto Dragon Raid, the loot are distributed automatically.

Will Maya ever be released?[edit]

as of [1st Talk to GM Orvel: Answers] Maya is no longer in the list of future hero plan.

How many costumes does *hero name* have?[edit]

Costume Sheet from reddit

Is there a tier list?[edit]

Tier List from reddit