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How do I change servers?[edit]

At the login screen, in the bottom right corner is the option to select you server.

There are currently only four servers to choose from; Asia, Europe, Korea, and America.

Can I transfer my data to another server?[edit]

As of the moment, no. If you want to move to another server, you'll have to start from scratch.

Which server should I pick?[edit]

It would be best to pick a server closest to your timezone. So you don't miss out on time affect events.

Europe is the youngest server, and Korea is the oldest.

When is maintenance?[edit]

Scheduled Maintenance: Every other Thursday (Once every 2 weeks)
Maintenance Announcement Post: Will be posted on Tuesday before the maintenance
Patch Note Post: Will be posted during maintenance

  • As the Maintenance Schedule may be changed, we will post an announcement in advance.
  • There may be Urgent Maintenance if any urgent issues occur.


Can I use an emulator to play KR? And use the emulator's built in macro?[edit]

Yes and yes. KR doesn't count emulators or macros as mod programs. So you won't be banned for using them.

Source: FB, plugcafe

Where's the best place to farm exp and gold that isn't Hell mode?[edit]

6-8 hard, Sell the orbs to get more gold.

What is a Leecher?[edit]

People who join raids but can't contribute much to the team due to lacking gear or being low level.

Note that it is proper etiquette that leechers bid last.

Will Maya ever be released?[edit]

She has been forgotten by Vespa.

How many costumes does *hero name* have?[edit]

Costume Sheet from reddit

Is there a tier list?[edit]

Tier List from reddit