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Cataclysmic Inferno
A dragon living in a volcano, capable of wielding powerful flame magic.It uses AOE magic that deals DMG to all enemies in an instant. Be wary of powerful AOE magic skill.
NM Recommended Heroes
Morrahico.png Kaulahico.png Lunaico.png
HM Recommended Heroes
Laiasico.png Aishaico.png Morrahico.png

Fire dragon raid allows up to 2 players to fight the dragon.

Fire dragon hard raid allows up to 3 players to fight the dragon.


FDtailstrike.png Tail Strike
NM Cooldown: 15s / HM Cooldown: 13s
Throw down and damage enemies in range.
FDflamebreath.png Flame Breath
NM Cooldown: 30s / HM Cooldown: 25s
Deal a huge DMG by blowing flame right into the enemy which deals consistent damage, and put fire to lower recovery.

Hard Mode: Breathes fire in a straight line, dealing M.DMG and inflicting Burns. Burns last for 15 sec and enemies who do not dispel the Burn in 15 sec receive massive M.DMG.

FDbombingflame.png Bombing Flame
NM Cooldown: 45s / HM Cooldown: 20s
Deal M.DMG to enemies by flame bombing, consistently damages and put fire to lower recovery.
FDrageofdragon.png Rage of Dragon
NM Cooldown: 60s / HM Cooldown: 45s
Flies up high, burns the whole area. Dealing strong M.DMG on all enemies, and deals a crit DMG on enemies on fire.
FDtemeraireshide.png Temeraire's Hide
• Hard Mode Only
Temeraire is not affected by ATK SPD effects and blocks all P.DMG while greatly reducing DMG. Every 10 sec. stack 100 stacks of Flame Blessing on self. Stacks are reduced each time Temeraire takes DMG. If Flame Blessing is not removed in 5 sec. enemies take massive DMG.
FDtemerairesclaws.png Temeraire's Claw
• Hard Mode Only
Temeraire's attacks deal constant DMG to the enemy depending on their current HP.


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