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Fluttering Blade

3 star costume

4 star costume

5 star costume

Class Assassin
Atk Type Physical
Position Front
Grade ★★★

The vice-captain of the Imperial Guard. His sonic blade cuts through even magic. He is capable of attacking the most dangerous foes first.


Tempest Blade Tempest Blade[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 6 sec Cooldown
Deals 111,297 P.DMG to target enemy and other enemies in the vicinity.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner Damage is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner Damage is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner Crit Chance is increased by 250.

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Tempest Blade Animation

Flashstep Flashstep[edit]

Mana Mana.png 10 sec Cooldown
Moves to the enemy with the highest ATK and inflicts silence for 2 sec. Own M.DMG reduction is increased by 300 for 5 sec. Engraves the enemy with a Mark for 10 sec, and own attack prioritizes the Marked target. When attacking enemies inflicted with Mark, deals 5,536 additional P.DMG.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate Damage is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate Damage is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate Damage is increased by 25%.

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Flashstep Animation

Bloody Petals Bloody Petals[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 25 sec Cooldown
Deals 198,846 P.DMG upon an enemy, and restricts the target while casting the skill.

 20 Skill Book: Expert Damage is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert Damage is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert Crit Chance is increased by 250.

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Bloody Petals Animation

Spell Cutter Spell Cutter[edit]

Passive 10 sec Cooldown
Every 10 sec, upon taking M.DMG, deals 41,195 P.DMG to the attacker, and dodges all M.ATK for 3 sec.

 20 Skill Book: Master Damage is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master Damage is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master Damage is increased by 25%.

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Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Tempest Blade Tempest Blade[edit]

[Light] DMG +40%.
[Dark] Upon Crit hit, CD reduce by 6%.

Flashstep Flashstep[edit]

[Light] Adds 1 mana cost, reduces CD by 5 sec.
[Dark] Dispels positive effects.

Bloody Petals Bloody Petals[edit]

[Light] Each Crit Hit increases last hit DMG by 10%.
[Dark] While on CD, auto attack DMG +50%.

Spell Cutter Spell Cutter[edit]

[Light] Upon dodging, raise own ATK by 3%, stacks up to 10 times.
[Dark] 30% chance to stun enemies for 3 seconds.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Fluss Fluss[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / M. Dodge +100.
[Dark] When attacking, deal 20% of ATK as P.DMG. 10% chance of dealing double damage and dispelling positive effects.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Twinswords of Fury, Veralta
Twinswords of Fury, Veralta
Star Value Value
Increases ATK by 12% and ATK Spd by 120 for 30 sec every 7 sec. This effect can stack up to 3 times and cannot be removed.
14% 140
★★ 17% 170
★★★ 20% 200
★★★★ 25% 250
★★★★★ 30% 300
  • Item introduction: A set of enchanted weapons bestowed upon Fluss's grandfather, a knight hailing from the Republic of Grey, and passed down as family treasures. They are capable of gradually enhancing the physical abilities of their wielder, allowing him to break the boundaries of human limitations and gain supernatural power and speed. Because the effect is gradual, there is no sudden stress to the wielder's body. Each piece is called Blood and Rose, respectively. The names originated from the swirl of blood splatter and flower petals that follow whenever Fluss swings these twin swords. No other warrior has been able to utilize their potential as Fluss does.

1st Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Eye of the Storm Belt
Eye of the Storm Belt
Star Value
[Tempest Blade] Reduces Mana Cost by 1 and upon every use, increases DMG by 4% This effect can be stacked up to max 10 times.
★★ 5.8%
★★★ 7%
★★★★ 8.4%
★★★★★ 10%
  • Item Introduction: A belt that Fluss's father gave him when he was appointed Vice Grand Master of the knights. It bears the Eye of the Storm spell that silences the wearer and its surroundings. - If you hear the sound of his sword, you'll soon see the petals flying before your eyes.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Tempting Perfume
Tempting Perfume
Star Value
[Flashstep] Changes the Mark irremovable and increases ATK by 20% f0r 10 sec once the enemy with the mark is killed.
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item Introduction: Perfume containing the first Vivienne roses of the year. Vivienne roses are beautiful but deadly. Those affected by the smell will hallucinate and just stare in awe as their opponent moves.

3rd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Immortal Rose
Immortal Rose
Star Value
[Bloody Petals] DMG is increased by 20% and dodges all M.ATK during the duration of skill.
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item introduction: A rose that will never wither, even if it's been picked. It's a flower that Fluss loves. It reminds Fluss about the duty of a knight, which is the basis for his strong will that allows him to be confident in battle.

4th Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Sealed Confidential Letter
Sealed Confidential Letter
Star Value
[Harvest] [Spell Cutter] Upon activation, increases own ATK Spd by 200 for 4 sec. The duration of the dodge effect increases by 1 sec.
★★ 290
★★★ 350
★★★★ 420
★★★★★ 500
  • Item Introduction: A confidential letter that has a wolf seal of the Empire on it. Fluss, who received the letter sealed by the emperor, keeps it in safekeeping until it can be handed to the most esteemed princess of Orvel.

Soul Weapon[edit]

Twinswords of Fury, Veralta
Twinswords of Fury, Veralta
Cooldown Skill Activation Requirement Advancement Phase 1
Summons the Soul of Twinswords of Fury, Veralta for 10 sec. For the duration of Skill, the DMG of Normal attacks is increased by 50%, and Fluss’ Skills are enhanced.

[Tempest Blade] Attacks the target and enemies nearby 3 times, dealing additional P.DMG and reducing the Heal Rate of the hit target by 30% for 5 sec.

[Flashstep] Increases own Crit DMG by 100% for 10 sec.

[Bloody Petals] Deals P.DMG to one enemy over 16 attacks. The Mark effect of [Flashstep] will not be applied to this Skill.

24 sec Charges up upon dealing DMG 70 times. Changes the duration of the Soul Weapon to 15 sec.
Available Use(s) Advancement Phase 2
6 For the duration of Skill, each attack has a 100% chance to reduce Cooldown of self's all Skill by 2%.
  • Soul Weapon Story: For a long time, Veralta just served as a tool that lends power to humans, Veralta knew that it was only made as a simple tool to enhance its wielder's strength. So it did just that and lent its strength to those who desired it. There were those who could not wield the power properly, and there were those who abused the given power and swung the sword mindlessly. Time flowed, and Veralta's masters changed faster than that flow. But Veralta was content with lending its power to humans. It knew it was just a tool, after all. However, something was different this time. Veralta developed a familiar feeling, the longing it had felt so long ago... Veralta's strength could not satisfy this long-haired man. He trained and trained to reach an even higher place. As its master's power grew, the extent of the strength which Veralta could lend also kept growing larger. Veralta felt the surge of satisfaction caressing his body, a feeling which he had never experienced before. Eventually, the feeling transformed into Veralta's desire to lend more strength to its master, Finally, when Veralta's goal became the man's goal, Veralta awakened its new form, and appeared in front of its master.


  • He is 23 years old.
  • He is 185cm (around 6'0' feet)
  • His birthday is June 7th.
  • His constellation is Mira the Minstrel.
  • He likes 'your eyes'.
  • He dislikes those who do not understand romance.
  • There was a rumor going around that Fluss was the butler of Jane, however this has yet to be officially confirmed in the game (and technically impossible due to the 90 year gap between the kingdom's destruction and the present year).
  • Fluss is the vice captain of the imperial army.
  • In the hero's inn, he mentions the inns are similar to the ones in his empire.
  • Fluss has taken a bizarre liking to Glenwys

Hero's Backstory

As the son of the commander of the imperial knights, he has received rigorous training since early childhood to become a proper swordsman. No one can question his title as the fastest swordsman in the imperial palace. The number of enemy knights he felled in the fields of battle is a testament to his skills. He quickly rose to the rank as the vice-captain of the imperial guard and is the subject to everyone's admiration. Although he is aware of his beautiful appearance, he detests those who approach him for his outer beauty. He considers inner beauty more important than what is visible. However, he's slightly hypocritical in that he occasionally falls for his own beauty.


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