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Gear is essential to clearing content. It is separated into 6 Ranks; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, Ancient, and Legendary. Each rank then has 5 tiers and can be awakened to a max of 5 stars.


Ancient and Legendary have set bonuses. A minimum of 2 must be worn to gain the bonus, and max of 4 to get a stronger set bonus.

Ancient sets:

Set Name Set Bonus
Strife increases P.DEF
Breeze increases P.Dodge
Thirst Lifesteal
Hysteria increases ATK
Luminescence increases M.DEF
Manticore Hero deals 10% more DMG and takes 10% less DMG from bosses

Legendary sets:

Set Name Set Bonus
Darkness or Black increases MP Recovery/Attack
Ice or Blue increases Max HP
Poison or Green increases Crit. Resistance
Fire or Red increases Crit

Basic Information[edit]

Gear Options[edit]

Each gear possess sub-stats. The most options a gear can have is 4 (Legendary rank). You can change a option via Reforge or Enchant.

ATK - Increases damage
ATK SPD - Increase speed of auto attacks and skill casting
Crit - Increases critical chance
Crit DMG - Increase critical damage
Penetration - Increases damage dealt based on the enemy's defense
Lifesteal - Recovers HP based on the damage dealt
P.Dodge - Chance to avoid physical attacks
P.Block - Chance to mitigate physical damage.
P.DEF - Takes less physical damage
M.Dodge - Chance to avoid magical attacks
M.Block - Chance to mitigate magical damage.
M.DEF - Takes less magical damage
HP - Increases HP
Accuracy - Increases chance to hit the enemy
CC Resist - Chance to resist crowd control skills.


Awakening Gear[edit]

Awakening gear is essential to progressing in the game and can be done in the Forge



There are 4 different accessories in game:

  • Rings, increases Max HP
  • Earrings, increases ATK
  • Necklaces, increase M.DEF
  • Bracelets, increases P.DEF


Artifacts slots can be unlocked at any level, but requires 2 mil gold. A list of Artifacts can be found here.

Artifacts can be obtained from:



Orb slot can be unlocked once a hero hit level 50, but requires 3 mil Gold. Their main property increases Max HP.

Enhancement Crystal[edit]

These crystals can only be used to enhance equipment level. The provide the same boost as gear of the same tier.

Unique Weapons[edit]

Unique Weapons are character exclusive weapons. Unlike normal weapons that have a (+10%, +20%, +30%, +40%, +50%) of attack relative to base attack when awakening to 5 stars, UW scale as (+10%, +30%, +60%, +100%, +150%), essentially more than doubling the attack if you awaken it to 5 stars. Awakening also increases its strength of its unique option. In addition, UW allow up to 3 runes equipped.

Unique Weapons can be obtained from the following:


  • It is advised to save Special Item Summon, especially the x10 version for events.
  • NPC Hero's UW can only be acquired via gifting the NPC, or NPC Hero Unique Weapon Ticket.
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