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May's General Shop changes items in the general shop changes every 2 hours and it pays to check in, as May occasionally sells Mysterious Skill Books

Note that Empty Flask of Experience: Small should always be bought, as they can be sold for a minor profit even when you resell them immediately.


  • An Assortment level dependent Gear
  • Empty Flask of Experience: Small (x120) for 8.400
  • Empty Flask of Experience: Medium (x80) for 32,000
  • Empty Flask of Experience: Large (x40) for 90,000
  • Empty Flask of Experience: X-Large (x20) for 250,000
  • Deluxe Empty Flask (x20) for 1,300,000
  • Magic Powder (x100) for 100,000

Noteworthy Items:

  • Mysterious Fragment (x10) for 200,000
  • Mysterious Skill Book: Beginner (x5) for 75,000
  • Mysterious Skill Book: Intermediate (x5) for 150,000
  • Mysterious Skill Book: Expert (x5) for 300,000
  • Rune Crafting Scroll (x10) for 2,500,000
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