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Chieftain of the Blood Altar
Stacks [Orc Rage] each time the boss takes DMG. Stacks up to 100 times, which causes Enragement, greatly increasing stats. Heroes that can [Dispel] are advantageous in this stage.
Recommended Heroes
Leoico.png Nyxico.png Tanyaico.png



GrGushak1.png Vermilion Slash (Cooldown: 15s)
Twirls weapon in a circle, dealing P.DMG to nearby enemies. The final hit emits a shockwave, knocking over enemies for 2 sec.
GrGushak2.png Blade Frenzy (Cooldown: 25s)
Attacks the enemy 3 times and then strikes downwards, dealing P.DMG to nearby enemies and stunning them for 5 sec.
GrGushak3.png Blood Strike (Cooldown: 45s)
Stomp the ground, stunning nearby enemies for 4 sec. Then, gathering energy, attack enemies with a wide swing to deal massive P.DMG to nearby enemies.
GrGushak4.png Orc Rage (Cooldown: 0.1s)
Stacks 1 stack of Orc Rage per every time he takes DMG. Lasts 10 sec and each time ATK and DEF rise by 0.7%. Stacks to a max of 100 times, and upon 100 stacks, gain CC immunity and boosted stats for 7 sec.
GrAuthority.png Authority
Increases ATK every 10 sec. Each time this monster is inflicted by CC, increase own CC resist.
GrPurify.png Purify
Every 30 sec, remove all negative effects and increase ATK SPD.


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