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Here you can "Use Shop" to purchase items or "Visit the Inn" to acquire a new Hero. It is not advised to use Amity/Friendship points on the shop as there are better alternatives.

The innkeeper is an NPC named, Juno.

Recruiting a Hero[edit]


6 heroes will randomly appear in the Inn. If the player doesn't start a relationship with a hero, they will all leave the inn after server reset and be replaced by 6 other random hero. If asked to stay, the hero will be at the inn until you tap the End Relationship button.

You can recruit the hero by raising their Kinship Rate each day by doing the following things:

15 Kinship points
Start Conversation (160 Amity Points for a 2 ★ hero, 240 Amity Points for a 3 ★ hero)
16-24 Kinship points
Send Gift (40,000 Gold for a 2 ★ hero, 60,000 Gold for a 3 ★ hero)
20-30 Kinship points

If you don't want the Hero, you can tap End Relationship to get a new one, but you will lose the Kinship you have developed so far.

New Heroes[edit]

A "new" hero will appear at Hero’s Inn after 12 weeks.

Aselica, Shea, Crow and all older heroes will appear in the Hero's Inn.

Currently, Shamilla, Chase and Kara do not appear in the Hero's Inn.

Days To Recruit Hero[edit]

It will take you 15-20 days (average of 18 days) to recruit a 2 ★ hero.

And it will take you 18-24 days (average of 21 days) to recruit a 3 ★ hero.


When recruiting or visiting owned heroes, each hero has their own unique dialogue in response to the player. A collection of which can be found here.

Roulette of Fortune[edit]

Roulette of Fortune is a mini game that you can play when visiting the Hero Inn.

You get 1 spin each day, and then an additional 1 spin for each owned hero visiting the Inn.




Icon Name Description Cost
AromaticToastedNuts.png Aromatic Toasted Nuts It can be used to recover 20 Stamina Amity 50
SilverCatfishFilet.png Silver Catfish Filet It can be used to recover 40 Stamina Amity 100
SpecialMeatStew.png Special Meat Stew It can be used to recover 60 Stamina Amity 150
HotSpringEgg.png Hot Spring Egg It can be used to recover 80 Stamina Amity 200
SilverHotSpringEgg.png Silver Hot Spring Egg It can be used to recover 100 Stamina Amity 250
GoldHotSpringEgg.png Gold Hot Spring Egg It can be used to recover 120 Stamina Amity 300

NPC Gift materials[edit]

Icon Name Description Cost
OldThread.png Old Thread Used to craft a Cute Ribbon that May likes Amity 50
SturdyThread.png Sturdy Thread Used to craft a Frilly Bracelet that May likes Amity 100
MagicThread.png Magic Thread Used to craft a Charming Hat that May likes Amity 350
OldCloth.png Old Cloth Used to make Gladi's favorite wrappings Amity 50
SturdyCloth.png Sturdy Cloth Used to make Gladi's favorite headband Amity 100
MagicCloth.png Magic Cloth Used to make Gladi's favorite shoes Amity 350

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