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Here is the profile of all heroes in King's Raid. In default its sorted by class, then name by ascending so it easier to search. You can also sort any other categories by yourself.

Picture Class Name Title Gender Race Age Height Birthday Likes Dislikes Voice Actor - Korean Voice Actor - Japanese Role In Story
Aselicaico.png Knight Aselica Guardian of the Sun Female Angel  ??? 170 cm 9(month) 22(day) Fellow kinsmen, and enforcing order Demons
Clauseico.png Knight Clause Knight of Iron Defense Male Human 20 years 195 cm 10(month) 22(day) His new family Causing harm to friends Jeong Jae Heon Terashima Takuma
Demiaico.png Knight Demia Fortress of Steel Female Human 25 years 184 cm 1(month) 30(day) Righteous monarchs whom she can serve Weak minded people who betray others
Janeico.png Knight Jane Alabaster Corpse Female Undead 118 years 150 cm 4(month) 17(day) I don't remember exactly... My... Large bones... Kim Ha Young Toyota Moe
Lomanico.png Knight Loman The Gatekeeper of Trust Male Human 24 years 187 cm 1(month) 12(day) Clause, Demia, Jelly, Wood Carving Mint, Ginseng Jeong Jae Heon Tachibana Shinnosuke
Morrahico.png Knight Morrah Devil's Flame Female Demon (Dark Dragon)  ??? 178 cm 4(month) 9(day) Formidable enemies, worthy fights Dragons Kim Ha Young Honda Mariko
Neraxisico.png Knight Neraxis Obsidian Arrogance Male  ??? 161 cm 8(month) 28(day) Laias Demons, Cain, Lilia and everything that gets in his way
Phillopico.png Knight Phillop King of Dwarves Male Dwarf 328 years 156 cm 8(month) 5(day) Drinks, sand bath, smithing, and crafting Long conferences, the royal throne, Demons (especially the Dark Dragons) Jeong Jae Heon Fukumatsu Shinya
Ricardoico.png Knight Ricardo Lua's Judgment Male Human 71 years 215 cm 8(month) 23(day) People, helping others Demons, especially those who attack people for no reasons Kwon Oh Seok Naomi Kusumi
Soniaico.png Knight Sonia The Blue Hurricane Female Homunculus 16 years (No growth since creation) 152 cm 2(month) 23(day) Mirianne, and everyone at the orphanage Wizards, alchemists Kim Eun Yeong Kubota Risa
Chaseico.png Warrior Chase Type. 0 Male Human 27 years 196 cm 6(month) 22(day) Scarlet, Demia, Clause, and friends call him by this name Memory from the past, test subject number Yoon Yong Sik Onozuka Takashi
Gauico.png Warrior Gau Barbarian of Frozen Lands Male Barbarian 33 years 231 cm 9(month) 23(day) Children, animals Destructive and violent people Si Yeong Joon Shingaki Tarusuke
Kaselico.png Warrior Kasel Warrior of the Holy Sword Male Human 18 years 185 cm 10(month) 15(day) Food from the nature Fatalism Kang Soojin Ishikawa Kaito
Nailaico.png Warrior Naila Wind's Fighter Female Harpy 19 years 180 cm 12(month) 16(day) Fellow kinsmen, those who posses a warrior's pride Cowards, hypocrites Cho Kyung Ah Watanabe Yurina
Nicky thumb.png Warrior Nicky Chief Guard of Cruelty years cm (month) (day)
Priscillaico.png Warrior Priscilla Maid of Steel Female Human 27 years 168 cm 1(month) 15(day) Comrades in arms, her lady Aisha and getting cute outfits for her lady Untidiness and injustice
Scarletico.png Warrior Scarlet Faith of Silver Female Human 18 years 168 cm 9(month) 21(day) Honest people Just people Opportunists Oppressors of the weak Park Min Seon Nakae Mitsuki
Seriaico.png Warrior Seria Shadow of the Abyss years cm (month) (day)
Theoico.png Warrior Theo Knight of Loyalty Male Human 123 years 194 cm 4(month) 15(day) My lady, Jane Demons and their officers Chae Jung Woo Horie Shun
Viskaico.png Warrior Viska Demon Eater Female Demon (Possessed Human) 14 years (Demon:???) 141 cm 12(month) 20(day) Fighting powerful demons and devouring them afterward Weaklings Kim Min Ah Takamori Natsumi
Episico.png Assassin Epis Captivating Demon Female Demon  ??? 164 cm 8(month) 13(day) Anything that strikes interest or curiosity Boring atmosphere Yeo Min Jeong Makino Yui
Erzeico.png Assassin Erze Endless Thirst Female Vampire 18 years 170 cm 7(month) 6(day) Seria as a sister, chocolate parfait and the blood of the corrupted Seria as a vampire hunter
Ezekielico.png Assassin Ezekiel The Cursed Blood Male Demon (Half-blood) 19 years (Self-proclaimed) 195 cm 6(month) 6(day) Caramel pudding, sweetened juice Weaklings who act tough, idiots who think they know everything Yoon Yong Sik Watanabe Hiroshi
Flussico.png Assassin Fluss Fluttering Blades Male Human 23 years 185 cm 6(month) 7(day) Your eyes Those who do not understand romance
Gladiico.png Assassin Gladi Beast of the Arena Male Animal Hybrid (Lynx) 27 years 184 cm 8(month) 30(day) Silvervine, powerful opponents Gloomy people, indecisive people Chae Jung Woo Terashima Takuma
Laudiaico.png Assassin Laudia Dancer of the Oasis Female Human 22 years 169 cm 10(month) 11(day) Laias, Lilia and people in the desert Watching people suffer
Mirianneico.png Assassin Mirianne Servant of Blue Female Half-Elf 12 (Physical age: 18) 162 cm 10(month) 5(day) Sonia, and everyone at the orphanage Bugs with many legs Park Min Seon Maeda Kaori
Niaico.png Assassin Nia Darkness-swallowing Eyes years cm (month) (day)
Reinaico.png Assassin Reina Lightning Flash Female Human 17 years 160 cm 11(month) 30(day) Attractive men Uninteresting men
Roiico.png Assassin Roi Swift Assassin Male Human 20 years 179 cm 4(month) 1(day) Current self Past self Kim Yeong Seon Kawanishi Kengo
Tanyaico.png Assassin Tanya The Silencing Blade Female Half-Elf 18 years (Physical age: 18) 169 cm 1(month) 8(day) Roi Roi, Laughing Mask, Half-Elf blood Cho Kyung Ah Iwami Manaka
Archico.png Archer Arch Arrow of Purity Male Angel  ??? 193 cm 9(month) 17(day) Peace and stability Demons Shim Kyu Hyuk Tachibana Shinnosuke
Dimaelico.png Archer Dimael Shadow Hunter Male Dark Elf 163 years (Human years: 16) 189 cm 6(month) 13(day) His sister His fellow kinsman who let his sister die Kim Yeong Seon Ishiya Haruki
Lunaico.png Archer Luna Child of Moonlight Female Animal Hybrid (Rabbit)  ??? 110 cm 8(month) 8(day) Carrots, friends Hunger Yeo Min Jeong Kurosawa Tomoyo
Requinaico.png Archer Requina Merchant of Poison Female Animal Hybrid (fox) 14 years 130 cm 11(month) 19(day) Developing new poisons, those who understand the joy of developing new drugs People who are prejudiced against poisons Park Yun Hui Tomita Miyu
Seleneico.png Archer Selene Wind-piercing Arrow Female Elf  ??? 169 cm 7(month) 11(day) Those who work in harmony and take responsibilities Those who abandon their own beliefs, Those who flee from danger Kim Min Ah Nagatsuma Juri
Shamillaico.png Archer Shamilla The Vessel of Curses Female Demon  ??? 165 cm 6(month) 2(day) Unexpected situations, people who fight against the flow of things Boring scenarios, obvious stories
Yanneico.png Archer Yanne Dragon Slayer Female Barbarian 21 years 185 cm 6(month) 30(day) Delicious dishes, cooking, monster hunting Monsters that cannot be defeated physically Kang Seon Yeong Fujita Masayo
Zafirico.png Archer Zafir Prince of Sandstorms Male Human 20 years 185 cm 7(month) 20(day) Cats, sand art and people in the desert Those who try to harm the people who he cares for
Annetteico.png Mechanic Annette Royal Technomagi Female Human 17 years 158 cm 4(month) 16(day) Technomagic, research funds People who look down on Technomagic Jung Hye Ok Itou Miku
Chrishaico.png Mechanic Chrisha Inquisitor of Blood and Iron years cm (month) (day)
Crowico.png Mechanic Crow The Punishing Bullet Male Human 32 years 193 cm 7(month) 8(day) Candy canes, a pendant safeguarding a memory, the forgotten nagging of a loved one Pirates, Gods who have taken everything away from him and now, tobacco
Karaico.png Mechanic Kara Epitome of Ancient Technomagic Neutral (Female-type) Human-type Golem  ??? 161 cm 5(month) 30(day) Energy Charge, Master Orders that cannot be carried out, inefficient way of doing things Jang Kyeong Hui Yamamoto Nozomi
Lakrakico.png Mechanic Lakrak Hunter of the Hand Cannon Male Goblin 19 years 120 cm 5(month) 12(day) Gunpowder, guns and cannons Foolish goblins
Miruruico.png Mechanic Miruru Cursed Pirate Empress Female Human 12 years (was 27) 130 cm 5(month) 31(day) Treasures or anything that sparkles The Navy
Mitraico.png Mechanic Mitra The Silver Battle Wolf Male Human 27 years 192 cm 12(month) 17(day) Battle, exciting fights, the smell of gunpowder Pretensions Hypocrisy Jun Jong Koo Majima Junji
Oddyico.png Mechanic Oddy Clocksmith of Eternal Life Male Redpur (Formerly human)  ??? 125 cm 10(month) 4(day) Clocks Poachers Kwon Oh Seok Ito Kentaro
Rodinaico.png Mechanic Rodina Blizzard's Sniper Female Human 15 years 146 cm 12(month) 14(day) Bears, polar bears, grizzly bears, small bears, large bears Those who do not value live Han Chae Eon Takayanagi Tomoyo
Aishaico.png Wizard Aisha The Violet Princess Female Human 16 years 155 cm 11(month) 1(day) Tea time with Priscilla Rude people Park Shin Hee [https://myanimelist.net/people/61/Chiwa_Saito?q=chiwa%20sa Saito Chiwa)
Artemiaico.png Wizard Artemia Empress of Light Female Human 19 years 165 cm 3(month) 22(day) Sweet cakes, the eyes of righteous knights Demons Heo Kang won Kuwahara Yuuki
Cleoico.png Wizard Cleo Sorceress of Purgatory Female Human 17 years 156 cm 8(month) 1(day) Campfire, pillows (?) Machines Yeo Min Jeong Ozawa Ari
Lewisiaico.png Wizard Lewisia The Royal Vermilion Blood Female Vampire  ??? 172 cm 2(month) 22(day) Traveling leisurely and comfortably War and disorder Park Yun Hui Ishigami Shizuka
Liliaico.png Wizard Lilia The Daughter of Storm and Sea Female Dragon  ??? 120 cm 9(month) 14(day) Laias, sweet drinks, people in the desert Those flirting with her sister (Neraxis, Cain) Yun Yeon Joo Ono Yuko
Lorraineico.png Wizard Lorraine Grand Elidoran Scholar Female Elf  ??? 168 cm 5(month) 25(day) Tranquil forest, beautiful songs Anything that harms nature Jung Hye Ok Hirayama Emi
Mariaico.png Wizard Maria Fallen Witch Female Human 125 years (Physically always 25) 168 cm 7(month) 19(day) Corrupting the believers of Lua Lua and her church Park Shin Hee Nakamura Sakura
Nyxico.png Wizard Nyx Dimension Cleaver Male Human 36 years 186 cm 9(month) 3(day) Interdimensional travel, magic experiments People who do not listen to others Chae Jung Woo Imaruoka Atsushi
Opheliaico.png Wizard Ophelia Pathfinder of Fate Female Human 19 years 165 cm 7(month) 7(day) Romantic stories Flying insects Kang Seon Yeong Tanaka Takako
Pavelico.png Wizard Pavel Wizard of Ice Dragon Male (+Female) Human (Possessing a dragon's soul) 243 years (Dragon: ???) 172 cm 12(month) 2(day) Peace, silence, reading Hot weather, loud things Park Shin Hee Inoue Yuki
Veronicaicon.png Wizard Veronica The Eye of Discernment Female Human 22 years 165 cm 3(month) 10(day) Smart people, fast results, clean documents Messy rooms, working inefficiently Kim Ha Young Nakamura Sakura
Eskerico.png Wizard Esker The Illusion Gambler Male Human 23 years 184cm 12 (month) 26 (day) Mumbo Jumbo Runic Cube, Piano Concerto No. 7 of Hayedden, Silver catfish filet spiced with 4 drops of lemon juice Fishing earthworms, con artists, everything that's spicy Esker is the childhood friend of Lucias. Esker formerly disliked him but then became friends. Esker has an unnamed sister. He's close friends with Ophelia. - Baudouinico.png Priest Baudouin Holy Ruffian Male Human 28 years 190 cm 9(month) 12(day) Lua Lua Jun Jong Koo Terasoma Masaki
Cassandraico.png Priest Cassandra Tempting Winds Female Human 27 years 171 cm 3(month) 28(day) Red wine, nuts, flashy fans Nasty customers Greasy hair Bad odor Heo Kang won Maeda Rena
Freyico.png Priest Frey Priestess of Light Female Human 18 years 170 cm 1(month) 1(day) Lua, current job Injustice Yang Jeong Hwa Kakuma Ai
Junoico.png Priest Juno The Chef of Heroes Female Human 20 years 166 cm 11(month) 2(day) Eating, cooking, people who enjoy her dishes People who disparage her cooking Jung Hye Ok Kuwahara Yuuki
Kaulahico.png Priest Kaulah Shaman of Lightning Male Orc 46 years 210 cm 3(month) 11(day) Fellow kinsmen, world peace Malduk, war Kim Ki Hyun Matsumoto Shinobu
Laiasico.png Priest Laias Holy Priestess of Water Female Dragon  ??? 175 cm 7(month) 9(day) Swimming, washing her hair Anything that disrupts the world's order Jung Hye Ok Takatsuki Kanako
Leoico.png Priest Leo Eternal Scribe Male Gnome  ??? 144 cm 3(month) 23(day) Reading, writing, recording Loneliness Han Chae Eon Ishihara Kaori
Luciasico.png Priest Lucias Saint of Blessings years cm (month) (day)
Mayico.png Priest May The Girl Dreaming of Riches Female Human 15 years 146 cm 12(month) 8(day) Gold Financial deficit Han Chae Eon Toyota Moe
Medianaico.png Priest Mediana The Dangerous Doctor Female Human 21 years 170 cm 4(month) 7(day) Medical science, test subjects Healing magic Park Yun Hui Tokoi Miki
Rephyico.png Priest Rephy Spiritual Guide Male Tamia 14 years 90 cm 10(month) 16(day) Souls, kind people Causing harm to others Park Gyeong Hye Furuki Nozomi
Sheaico.png Priest Shea Aria of Fantasy Female Human 16 years 165 cm 6(month) 22(day) Beautiful melodies, soft breezes Ghosts, Pumpkin Ghouls
Lavrilico.png Priest Lavril Lonely Evil Spirit Female Ghost  ??? 131cm 5 (month) 30 (day) People who could be friends with her, animals and lively villages Scary people, malice and being viewed as a monster Lavril is the embodiment of deceased children from the war 100 years ago. Lucias saved her from an exorcism. Shea helped her meet new friends.

Month and Constellation[edit]

Month Name of the Month Constellation
1 Month of Protection Guardian Mertis
2 Month of Wisdom Satua the Sage
3 Month of Insight Lasiphil the Prophet
4 Month of Life Armil the Saint
5 Month of Hope Graham the Thief
6 Month of Love Mira the Minstrel
7 Month of Harmony Notmun the Tuner
8 Month of Vitality Kandala the Conqueror
9 Month of Truth Judgment Layan
10 Month of Friendship Asiphia the Empress
11 Month of Fortune Gisla the Sharpshooter
12 Month of Patience Hexipolia the Wanderer