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A human-type machine Golem made by a technomagi of a long forgotten ancient civilization. Her body is an agglomeration of ancient technology and the epitome of technomagic. She's a strong weapon that can annihilate the enemy with powerful focused fire.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Item introduction: An artifact from an ancient civilization that has been an engine that provides unlimited power. It's a mighty weapon with the power of a siege weapon, and its power comes close to that of the highest-rank magic. This weapon was found in the ruins of the old Republic of Grey, but it remained in storage since no one knew how to use it. Long after that, Kara was excavated and once she awakened, it teleported to her side. The highest-ranking technomagic weapon that was made in a similar way as the Mountain Fortress.

Unique Treasure[edit]

Item introduction: Kara's source of power and one of the greatest masterpieces of an ancient civilization that has been long forgotten. It's the basic technology that Annette used to make the Rascal, but not even she has been able to figure out everything about this special technology. A permanent engine that continuously creates unlimited magic power.


  • Due to being a golem, her gender is seen as "neutral, female-type".
  • She is 161cm (about 5'2' feet)
  • Her birthday is May 30th.
  • Her constellation is Graham the Thief.
  • She likes Energy Charge and her master.
  • She dislikes orders that cannot be carried out and inefficient ways of doing things.
  • She was awakened by Annette after years of being buried and sleep underground.
  • She is the first hero to be a golem.
  • Her 5 star appearance gives her a slight resemblance to KOS-MOS from Xenosaga.

Story from the game: A human-type Golem that was made with ancient technomagic, but her appearance is just like that of a human girl. But she's an ancient weapon that has no feelings and was just made to be a tool. She was asleep in the ruins of an ancient civilization, deep underground in Galluah Plains. She was excavated by Annette, a technomagi in the Kingdom of Orvel, during her research and awakened in a new era with a new civilization.

Story from the patch notes:

A human-type machine Golem made by a technomagi of a long forgotten ancient civilization. Found from the ancient ruins, and she was moved to the technomagic research center in Orvel. As a result, she was reborn by Royal Technomagi, Annette. Now, she is trying to learn the new world, new civilization, and the way to obey her new master. However, she finds a small bug from herself. Something a machine Golem would never dream about having one… ‘Emotions..’ – That machines don’t have… The mirror of Soul.

“… Master, I will destroy everything… That gets in your way…”