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<gallery heights=200px perrow=7 mode="packed">
File:OldIcon.png|Old Icon
File:KRwall1.jpg|Title screen
File:KRwall1.jpg|Title screen
File:2017titlescreen.png|Title screen
File:2017titlescreen.png|Title screen

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King's Raid
Developer Vespa Interactive
Publisher Glohow
Engine Unity 3D
Genre Character Collection mobile RPG
Global Launch February 16, 2017
Platform Android & iOS
Requirements Android 4.1 & up
iOS 7.0 or later


Google Play, App Store

Raiders, rally your Parties!!

Experience a Grand Scenario filled with emotions,
alongside a colorful roster of Diverse Characters!
Defeat the Demon Army and it's powerful Raid-Bosses,
and become the Champion to save the World!!

Developed by indie Korean studio Vespa and operated by Thailand-based publisher Glohow, King’s Raid is mobile game which boasts real-time battles with stunning 3D graphics and an in-depth character leveling system.

Store Description[edit]

Create your own deck with various type of heroes!
Enjoy King's raid story with your charming heroes!!

Realtime PVP Arena!
PVP in realtime! Stand against powerful opponents!!

Experience Raid boss in various scale
Challenge Raid boss with your friends.

Action style with more excitement
No more useless skill casting
Use skill in the right timing to beat your opponents.

King's Raid is available in 9 different languages!
English, 한글, Deutsch, Français,Русский, Español, Português brasileiro, ไทย, Tiếng Việt!

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