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The Daughter of Storm and Sea

3 star costume

4 star costume

5 star costume

Class Wizard
Atk Type Physical
Position Back
Grade ★★★


The Daughter of Storm and Sea: A Blue Dragon girl who has just passed her Hatchling period and a sister of Laias, the Priestess of Water. Although 
she is still inexperienced and young, those who look down on her tend to pay dearly. She uses the relentless energy of water to decimate her enemies.


Transcendence Perks[edit]

Unique Weapon[edit]

  • Item Introduction: An infinite spring that endlessly spouts water. It is a jar made by the First Blue Dragon, who ruled all the waters on earth. It reacts to the imagination of the user. To a young, sensitive and creative girl like lilia, it is the greatest treasure and weapon.

Unique Treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: A kettle that Lilia's old cacti friends made for her on her birthday. The kettle infinitely produces the cleanest and purest water there is. However, if too much water is used at once, it shuts its spout, which is a feature added by the Cacti to help Lilia stay in control of the water until she becomes more skilled at it.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: A gold necklace for girls that Laias crafted for Lilia with a Gem of Protection. It gleams with the energy of water elementals in it. It is a symbol of Laias's care for her little sister.


  • Her exact age is unknown due to being a dragon.
  • She is 120cm (around 3'9' feet)
  • Her birthday is September 14 which is the month of truth.
  • Her constellation is Judgment Layan.
  • She likes Laias, sweet drinks and people in the desert.
  • She dislikes those flirting with her sister (Neraxis, Sereinel)
  • She (or Laias) is the first hero to have a playable sibling. Since Epigael, Dosarta, and possibly Adin are not playable as of now.
  • Special thanks to king's raid player 'Fairybread' for helping and sending screenshots of lilia for the wiki.

Story from the game: A God Dragon of the Oasis and a sister of the Priestess of Water, Laias. She is still a young Blue Dragon who loves her sister who is much older than her. When Laias fell into a deep sleep after exhausting her powers in the battle 100 years ago, Lilia defended the Shrine of Flow on her own. It was when she heard the children of the desert making desperate prayers that she finally woke up the Priestess of Water to protect them. Unlike her mild and thoughtful sister, she is somewhat strict, and the way she controls the power of flow and water is more aggressive, too. She feels the need to protect her beautiful sister against flirting, unworthy men.


Story from the patch notes:

A Blue Dragon girl who has just passed her Hatchling period and a sister of Laias. She follows her elder sister all the way, and she looks adorable. She is still a little girl, but she handles things quite fast and precisely, and that’s why also Laias trusts her.

She has been protecting the Shrine of Flow in the Oasis when Laias was still in deep sleep. However, she had no choice but to wake her sister to be prepared for the ambush of the demon armies, and to protect children of the desert.

“You know.. I’ve learned the power of swirling water from my sister. I will show you the true power of The Blue Dragons!”


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