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Saint of Blessings
Class Priest
Role Healer
Grade ★★★


  • Title: Saint of Blessings
  • Hero info: The High Priest of Lua and Frey's senior. Lucias' faith is strong enough to call forth Lua's blessing. Items blessed by him bear the power of light and becomes effective weapons against demons.


Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Path of Blessing[edit]

[Light] Increase Heal rate by 40%
[Dark] Recovers target's mana by 500

Zone of Faith[edit]

[Light] Revovers Mana for allies within range by 200 per sec
[Dark] Continously dispels positive effects from enemies within range


[Light] Reduces ACC of hit enemies by 150 for 5 sec
[Dark] Gains immunity to CC for the duration of skill

Holy Sacrifice[edit]

[Light] Upon activation, grants immunity to DMG and CC to all allies except the caster for 1.5 sec
[Dark] Upon activation, dispels all negative effects from all allies except self.

Transcendence 5[edit]


[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / CC. Resist +100.
[Dark] Increase own Mana Recovery/sec by 300% for 3 sec upon casting an active skill

Unique Weapon[edit]

  • Item Introduction: A blessed flag representing the Sun, Moon, and the entire sky. It contains the power and teachings of the Creator, Lua. The power of light spreads when he waves the flag, bringing peace to his allies' minds, defeating the powers of darkness. A halidom bestowed upon Lucias, who used to be a flag bearer in Lua's Holy Knights.

Unique treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: Research materials about the stigmata of the Saint of Blessings. Although Lucias has the memories of the saints, they did not know everything. Lua's priestsleft this document after researching the secret behind the stigmata, but it was impossible for them to bring everything to light.

2nd Skill Unique[edit]

  • Item Introduction: Lucias had a cherished friend back when he was young. This friend was a member of a troupe named Stardust. He had very nimble hands despite his young age and used to pickpocket countless wallets from gamblers. However, Stardust would only visit Lucias' town once a year, and so the two friends gave each other something they treasured to remember their friendship. This dice is the special trick dice made by Lucias' friend, Escur.

3rd Unique Treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: The bible of infinity that a line of Sages of Blessings used to record their works. The title of sage is passed down with the memories of its predecessor, so it would seem that there is no reason for them to write anything down. However, the danger of the accumulated memories erasing the identity of the present sage made writing this bible necessary.


  • Lucias is a 24 year old man.
  • He is 181 cm (about 5'11 feet)
  • His birthday is May 21st, the Month of Hope.
  • His constellation is Graham the Thief.
  • He likes dishes made with apple, fishing, prayer, helping people, mysterious magic shows and performances.
  • He dislikes rudes ones, undelivered promises and taking human life lightly.
  • Both Lua and Baudouin appear in his animations.
  • Lucias is the second (literal/human) male priest after Baudouin.
  • He was previously a member of the Holy Knights and under the command of Ricardo.
  • Special thanks go to King's Raid player 'HyangW' for the continuous support in sending index info and helping edit the wiki!

Hero story from in game index info: Lucias was a member of Lua's Holy Knights before awakening as the Saint of Blessings. Under the command of the living Legend, Ricardo, he protected Orvel and neighboring towns from Demons. However, stigmata started to appear on his body when he was 19, and by the call of Lua, the holy knight became the Saint of Blessings. His mission is to travel around the world and bring the light of Lua to those in need. He stayed true to his duties, wandering the world to share blessings. Now, holds a weapon in his hand again to defeat the power of darkness that has been growing in strength over the post 100 years.


Hero background story from patch notes" He is a High Priest from the Holy Knights, one of the few saints chosen by the goddess. As a traveling High Priest, he saved many people and led them into a path of light. There is a legend saying that his prayers, his blessings have a power that matches the divine ordinance of miracles and that the lands he walks on, turns into sanctuaries. "I bless you. May happiness, peace, and glory always walk by your side."


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