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Welcome to the King's Raid Wiki!

King's Raid is a mobile game with good graphics and artwork, typically addicting gameplay through psychologically rewarding progression mechanics, and a fun, cooperative Raid gameplay mode.

For new players, feel free to browse around for information. New players might want to visit the Heroes page for more information about each hero.

The Rubies page also teaches new players how to effectively spend rubies.

Do you have a question? Then ask it under the Discussion tab. Additionally, visit the Sub-Reddit for King's Raid here for guides and ask questions in the weekly question thread.

For a general beginners guide, click here.

For a general team building guide to kick-start, click here.

Click here for an index of guides and other resources on the sub-Reddit wiki.

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Contributors wanted! Hey, it's a wiki! If you see something missing, and you know about it, then add it! Or check out the stubs.

Please note, with updates a lot heroes pages become outdated for most optimal builds or setups. Most of them should still work fine even if outdated.