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Beast of Chaos
[Manticore Venom] deals large DMG to frontal enemies and summons scorpions. If the frontal hero cannot keep up with the DMG, the formation will fall. [Rush of Death] deals massive P.DMG to all heroes and requires to be stopped.
Recommended Heroes
Kaselico.png Clauseico.png Mitraico.png


GrManticore1.png Dark Flamethrower (Cooldown: 17s)
Exhales dark flames from the sheep head, dealing P.DMG 7 times. Enemies under 50% HP will be petrified for 5 sec.
GrManticore2.png Disintegrating Flame (Cooldown: 17s)
Exhales fire from the lion head, dealing P.DMG 7 times and removes enemy buffs.
GrManticore3.png Manticore Venom (Cooldown: 22s)
Inflicts the enemy with a powerful poison that cannot be dispelled. For 5 sec, every 0.5 sec, deal 33% of current HP as DMG and summons 3 scorpions.
GrManticore4.png Rush of Death (Cooldown: 45s)
The Manticore gathers powerful energy in its front paws, dealing huge P.DMG to all enemies and knocks them over for 4 sec.
GrManticore5.png Manticore Roar
Roars every 15 sec, knocking away enemies. Also every 30 sec, removes status effects from self.


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