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Berserker Assassin
[Shadow Stealth] is a special state that gives 100% dodge rate to all attacks up to 100 times, after which the skill is dispelled for a set amount of time. Heroes with high hit-rate and atk spd are advantageous in this stage.
Recommended Heroes
Demiaico.png Baudouinico.png Aishaico.png



GrMaviel1.png Shadow Slash (Cooldown: 15s)
Moves swiftly, dealing P.DMG to 5 random enemies and inflict Bleeding. Also inflict a Recovery Reduction status that cannot be dispelled for the rest of the battle.
GrMaviel2.png Berserk Burst (Cooldown: 15s)
Enter a Berserker Rage, increasing ATK, Crit Chance and ATK Spd greatly for 10 sec.
GrMaviel3.png No Mercy (Cooldown: 30s)
Jump up, and upon landing, slash at the enemy with the lowest HP, dealing immense P.DMG.
GrMaviel4.png Shadow Stealth (Cooldown: 40s)
Dodge 100 attacks every 40 seconds. After dodging 100 attacks, fall into a stun state.
GrAuthority.png Authority
Increases ATK every 10 sec. Each time this monster is inflicted by CC, increase own CC resist.
GrPurify.png Purify
Every 30 sec, remove all negative effects and increase ATK SPD.


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