May 11th Update

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Raid Shop[edit]

  • After the update, depending on the raid type and level, win the battle 'Raid points' obtained
  • All players participating in the battle wins
  • Raid shop available in blacksmith
  • Available in 3T ~ 6T legend item points

UI Improvement[edit]

  • Added item lock function
    • Added the ability to protect equipment items
    • Locked / Unlocked in detail screen of equipment item
    • Disassembly when a lock icon is selected, can not be sold
    • Cannot be used as enchancement material
    • Locked item icon has a padlock icon
  • Improved continuous open UI of box items
    • Modified to display the final result acquired at the time of opening a series of items at once
  • Improved costume UI in Special Shop
    • Improved to show the costumes sold in special stores
    • Move to the costume shop when selecting the appropriate costume
  • Added chat window, bag management, and hero management function to the raid party composition window
    • Added feature to enable party chat right away
    • Bag management and hero management function have been added to make it possible to organize bags and replace hero items without leaving the configuration window
  • Button improvements
    • Improved the size and touch area of the UI buttons to be smaller or less manageable
    • Fixed when sound does not play when button is pressed
  • Damage font size adjustment
    • Reduce the damage font size to better recognize the battle situation

Bug Fix[edit]

  • Fixed not allowing other users to participate in raids in chat window during raid battle
  • Fixed that party members can not be 'ready' when the party is full in the party configuration window
    • Fixed that party member's bag was full, but the battle was started and the party member could not join the battle
    • (After updating, you can empty the bag by using 'Manage Bag' function in the party configuration window.)
  • Fixed heroes 'monsters' stats not being activated.


  • Pavel 2 skill
    • Added additional Frozen Ice to correct Frostbite damage.
  • Aisha 3 skill modification
    • Corrected damage to other skills during production
  • Fixed a problem where skill level was applied to hero level even though skill level was not upgraded

Currently, many of you are wondering about the option effect correction. There is a lot more work going on in a direction that is more equitable and does not hurt the fun of the game. I sincerely apologize for this and appreciate your patience. We will inform you about the patch schedule and its contents as soon as possible.