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Servant of Blue

3 star costume

4 star costume

5 star costume

Class Assassin
Role DPS/Support
Atk Type Magical
Position Middle
Grade ★★★

The assistant and maid of the archmage of Blue, Sonia. She acts only for the sake of Sonia, who is her employer, sister and friend. Using her keen eyes and mind, she exploits the enemy's weakness with her daggers.


Pros and Cons[edit]

+ Excels at single target bosses and PvP
+ Shield & CC Immunity for self and 1 ally
+ Self AMP
+ Powerful end game Unique Weapon that provides 500 ATK Spd at 5 stars
+ Powerful Unique Treasure
-Limited AoE Skills
-Selfish buffs
-Too limited CC
-Not Auto Friendly



Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3 Perk 4 Perk 5 Artifact
ATK UP HP UP Target Weakness Opportune Strike T5 Light T5 Dark


  • If you want to maximize her performance, use her manually.
  • You may need 3 perk pages for PvP, WB, and Raid.
  • To avoid the ATK Spd softcap, place 2 Penetration runes instead of 2 ATK Spd after your Unique Weapon reaches 5 stars.
  • She needs an AoE dealer with her when attacking the dragons. Her S1 gives priority to enemies who have the lowest M.DEF. Thus, she'll be prioritizing the whelps instead of the dragon.
  • If you want to maximize the performance of her Unique Weapon, use S3 right after S1.


Target Lock On Target Lock On[edit]

Mana Mana.png 6 sec Cooldown
Attacks the enemy with the lowest M.DEF 3 times, dealing a total of 190,812 M.DMG and inflicting stun for 1 sec, and if the target is under Target Lock On, target takes additional 79,007 M.DMG. The last attack inflicts Target Lock On on the enemy for 10 sec. Target Lock On cannot be dispelled, and the target's M.Block rate has decreased by 500.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 25%.

Target Lock On Animation

Restrain and Protect Restrain and Protect[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.png 12 sec Cooldown
Deals 198,476 M.DMG to target enemy and other enemies in range, and stuns them for 2 sec. Then moves to an ally with the lowest P.DEF and creates a shield for two that can block 167,705 DMG for 10 sec. Shield will be ineffective when there is no ally. Gains immunity to CC while the shield lasts.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG and Shield are increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG and Shield are increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG and Shield are increased by 25%.

Restrain and Protect Animation

Assassination Assassination[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 14 sec Cooldown
Moves to an enemy with the lowest HP, deals 317,001 M.DMG then returns to the furthest ally. If the enemy is a not a hero, deals 475,394 additional M.DMG that ignores DEF. Defeating a target with this skill instantly triggers Restrain and Protect.

 20 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 25%.

Assassination Animation

Target Eliminated Target Eliminated[edit]

If an enemy is inflicted by Target Lock On, ATK increases by 79,031 and all skills prioritize Locked On enemies. When the Locked On enemies dies, Target Lock On is inflicted on another enemy for 10 sec.

 20 Skill Book: Master ATK boost is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master ATK boost is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master ATK boost is increased by 25%.

Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Target Lock On Target Lock On[edit]

[Light] When there is 1 enemy, DMG is boosted by 100%.
[Dark] Stun Duration is increased by 1 sec.

Restrain and Protect Restrain and Protect[edit]

[Light] Gain CC immunity when using skill.
[Dark] Stun duration is increased by 2 sec.

Assassination Assassination[edit]

[Light] Dispels target's positive effects and inflicts stun for 1 sec.
[Dark] DMG is increased by 40%.

Target Eliminated Target Eliminated[edit]

[Light] When there are enemies inflicted by Target Lock On , Crit Chance is increased by 400.
[Dark] Receives 30% reduced DMG when enemy is inflicted by Target Lock On.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Mirianne Mirianne[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / Crit DMG +20%.
[Dark] Upon killing an enemy all skill cooldown is reduced by 50%, and recovers 1 orb of mana.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Endless Acceleration, Riventina
Endless Acceleration, Riventina
Star Value Value
Increases ATK Spd by 200 and attacks on Locked On enemies, dealing 200% of ATK as extra M.DMG. Extra damage effect occurs once in 2 sec.
240 240%
★★ 290 290%
★★★ 350 350%
★★★★ 420 420%
★★★★★ 500 500%
  • Item introduction: A magic gear created by Sonia, the Archmage of Blue. It is enchanted with magic that allows it to reach incredible speeds. It is also enchanted with a special spell that always guides it back to its owner after it's thrown. It is the best gift Sonia could give to Mirianne, who is both a family and friend to her. In other words, it's a unique expression of love reserved only for Mirianne.

1st Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Proof of Endeavor
Proof of Endeavor
Star Value
[Target Lock On] Increases DMG by 20% and reduces the target's M.Crit Resistance by 500 for 10 sec.
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item Introduction: A throwing dagger made by Ricardo that Mirianne used for practice. Mirianne was the only survivor of a village where elves and humans lived together. When Ricardo took her to the orphanage, he feared that she might close her heart after realizing that she was different from the others in the town. Sonia, who was visiting Orvelia, would be the one to allay his worries. He asked Sonia to look after the little girl and gave her this training dagger to prepare her for the journey.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Gemini Ring of Instant Teleportation
Gemini Ring of Instant Teleportation
Star Value
[Restrain and Protect] Reduces Mana Cost by 1 and upon Crit hit recovers 160 Mana.
★★ 230
★★★ 270
★★★★ 330
★★★★★ 400
  • Item Introduction: Ring that Mirianne purchased at the 'Amazing Magic Toy Shop' in Orvel. She engraved Sonia's and her name in the ring. The two make a set, and it allows each other to teleport to the location of the other once a day. Tough, Sonia doesn't use it since its troublesome... It may be a toy, but Mirianne is happy that there's one more way for her to protect Sonia.

3rd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Magic Powder of Lightning
Magic Powder of Lightning
Star Value
[Assassination] DMG is increased by 50% and upon Crit Hit increases own ATK by 10% for 10 sec.
★★ 14%
★★★ 17%
★★★★ 21%
★★★★★ 25%
  • Item introduction: A collection of beautiful matter that is sprayed in Sonia's crystal ball like stars. Mirianne collected it to pull a prank, but it;s so powerful that it;s being used as a tool for assassination.

4th Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Birth of Miracle
Birth of Miracle
Star Value
[Target Eliminated] Increases ATK boost by 50%. Every 5 sec, stuns enemies under Target Lock On for 1 sec.
★★ 1.4
★★★ 1.7
★★★★ 2.1
★★★★★ 2.5
  • Item Introduction: A leaf necklace Mirianne's mother made to celebrate her birth. Her mother, praying that her beloved daughter would grow up in the town of Ella without harm, stuck an Elven Jewel of luck into the wooden pendant. However, destiny had other plans, as Ella was invaded by demonic creatures. She died, leaving all that is left in her into Miriane's necklace. It protected Mirianne until Ricardo found her, and the necklace crumbled into dust after serving its purpose. Ricardo pited Mirianne, the lone survivor of Ella. A few years later, he asked Loman to make a similar necklace and gave it to Mirianne.

Soul Weapon[edit]

Endless Acceleration, Riventina
Endless Acceleration, Riventina
Cooldown Skill Activation Requirement Advancement Phase 1
Places Endless Acceleration, Riventina on the ground for 10 sec. Endless Acceleration, Riventina attacks the enemy with the lowest M.DEF, dealing M.DMG and inflicting Target Lock On. Afterwards, attacks the enemy every 3 sec, dealing M.DMG and inflicting stun for 2 sec. All effects prioritize the enemy inflicted with Target Lock On. 23 sec Charges up upon using Skills 5 times. Upon activation, increases Mirianne's Crit DMG by 100% and ACC by 300 for 10 sec.
Available Use(s) Advancement Phase 2
6 Upon activation, [Assassination] ignores the enemy's DEF, and increases its DMG by 30% for 10 sec.
  • Soul Weapon Story: A magical weapon Sonia crafted for Mirianne, Riventina. When Sonia infused the power of lightning into Riventina, Baikal within Sonia also infused part of itself into the new weapon. Mirianne learned, experienced, and felt many aspects of life as time passed by, and the shard of lightning within Mirianne's dagger grew with her. The shard would shift its shape to project Mirianne's emotion, experience, and her way of life. The shard stayed with her, and watched over her whenever she went on an adventure to bring back her lost memory, whenever she suffered from nightmares and spent the night without getting any sleep, and whenever she concealed her tears with laughter. The shard of lightning watched her journey unfold, and stayed by her side, waiting for the day it will become a strong power of lightning, powerful enough to protect Mirianne...



  • Added on 21st Dec 2017 Patch Notes
  • Her mental age is that of a 12 year old but physically 18.
  • She is 162cm (about 5'3' feet)
  • Her birthday is October 5.
  • Her constellation is Asiphia the Empress.
  • She likes Sonia and everyone at the orphanage.
  • She dislikes bugs with many legs.
  • Mirianne is a half elf and half human hybrid. These hybrids were looked as inferior in the world.
  • Her peaceful hometown and village was destroyed by the demons. The knights arrived when the village was already destroyed.
  • Ricardo finds the sole surviving member of the village, a young Mirriane.
  • It is likely she remained young after many years due to being half elf.
  • If you get Mirianne at the inn using "conversation" she will mention "Hehe, are Kasel and Frey doing well?"
  • Additionally one of her dialogue when tapping conversation reveals that she's not an actual maid, but rather she likes the outfit.

Story from Patch Notes:

Half-elves are the result of miraculous love between elves and humans. Despite the fact that they were a noble tribe, they were not welcomed beings throughout the world.

Because of that reason, married humans and elves have formed a small village. In the village, everyone was being loved equally, without any discrimination and hatred. The village was a paradise with full of happiness.

However, their love and happiness were smashed down to the ground by Demon Army. They have slaughtered all living beings, and also burned the whole village down to the ground with hellfire.

It was too late by the time when Holy Knights arrived at the village after tracking down the demon army.

“Damn it!!”

Ricardo, the Holy Knight Leader was full of anger after witnessing the disaster. If they were here a bit faster…. If they tracked down demons much more quickly.. However, it was too late. There are only a few options that can do right now.

While they were investigating the village, a miracle happened. There was a little half-elf girl hiding under her parents’ body. She was shivering in fear… But she was alive. The only survivor of this massacre… The last half-elf… And her name was Mirianne

Ricardo has decided to take Mirianne to the orphanage. At the same night when she arrived at the orphanage, she just grew up as a lady due to a mysterious reason.

Her body grew up at once, but her mental age was still a little girl. That was not all. She lost all of her memories.

Ricardo was compassionate, but also relieved since now she doesn’t need to live in agony with painful memories of her parents being murdered in front of her.

6 years later. Mirianne was living in the orphanage while helping people happily.

She started step-by-step, from small chores. Due to her sincerity and personality, she was loved by everyone as a family member.

However, since her mental age was still a little girl, she felt like she was being forced to do so. And yet…. She did not complain.

Ricardo always wanted to help her. He wanted her to go out there to learn various things in the world.

Then one day, a girl came back to the orphanage from her adventure. The girl who came back to her family after a long time of tiring journey. People barely recognized her…. But… It was Ricardo who recognized her right away.

The girl with blue hair… With powerful magic skills.

“It’s been a quite a while, Sonia” Ricardo smoothed her hair. “We have a lot to catch up, but for now I want you to meet someone”.

Ricardo laughed while pointing at Mirianne, who was standing next to him. “Say hello to her, Mirianne. This is Sonia.”

Hero's Backstory

She is Sonia's maid and sister-like friend from the orphanage. When her village of humans and elves were attacked by the demons, she was the only survivor. Ricardo found her and took her into the orphanage. For some unknown reason, she experienced explosive growth phase at the age of 6. Her body now resembles that of an 18-year old, but she still has the mind of a child. She is pure and devotional to a fault. Perhaps these traits are related to the loss of her childhood memories.


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