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These are characters that the player can interact with and are seen on the game's map. Note that some of these NPCs may eventually become recuitable like May and Gladi.

The NPCs[edit]

Most NPC have dialogue when tapped.


Adin is the money hungry idiot in Chapter 6.



Dosarta is Selene's sister and guards the Tower of Challenge

  • "It would be lovely if you'd come to the tower more often. It is so boring..."
  • "To have you here is my only pleasure these days."
  • "What's going on outside nowadays?"
  • "The royal descendants have many obligations. Guarding this is one."
  • "I wish I could have a fellow worker here."
  • "Don't worry, I won't drop the artifacts during the restoration process."
  • "Have you ever spoken to a leaf flying in the wind?"
  • "If you bring me the pieces of artifacts from the Tower of Challenge, I will restore them for you."



Gladi is the Arena's shopkeeper

  • "Welcome. What has brought you here?"
  • "Hey, stop looking at me and look at the goods!"
  • "Come on, be a warrior and buy something already!"
  • "I will give you a discount, so buy, buy, buy!"
  • "This is the Arena Shop. You can exchange your honor points for goods!"
  • "Welcome to the Arena Shop. Got some fresh supplies right here!"



Hillia is the priest(?) of the Hall of Heroes



Jin is Forge's blacksmith

  • "I can craft whatever you wish!"
  • "Hahaha, thank you."
  • "I can assure you about the quality myself!"
  • "Can't take your eyes off these muscles? They are my pride."
  • "This hammer can make things, but also break things."
  • "I can't trust the materials being sold these days. I want to go get them myself."
  • "If you keep bothering me, you might be the one on my anvil."
  • "Your head... even I can't fix that. Ha ha!"



Juno is the innkeeper of Hero's Inn



Loman is guards Orvel Castle



May is the shop keeper of the General Store

  • "May's General Shop! Have a look around!"
  • "Welcome to May's General Shop! We have a lot of nice stuff at low prices."
  • "Uh, no! Stop looking at me and look at the items instead!"
  • "No, no. Look at the items!"
  • "You cannot buy me, so why don't you look at the items!"
  • "Um, you will make me feel embarrassed if you keep staring at me."
  • "... Outside the castle is scary, but sometimes..."
  • "Uh, what are you looking at! ... Sniff."
  • "Thank you! Do you need anything else?"
  • "Wow, so pretty!"



Nicky is the Jailer of the Stockade

  • "Why do you keep coming back? Such a weirdo."
  • "Huh? Well, welcome. It's a bit shabby place to say welcome though."
  • "This is the Stockade. The trash rack. What brought you here?"
  • "You mean this mace isn't menacing to prisoners only?"
  • "Don't bother me. You are really weird."
  • "Huh? Where are you looking at?"
  • "Hey. I will beat the crap out of you if you look at strange places."
  • "You want to go inside, do you? Huh?"



Rhill is the Fairy of the World Tree

  • "I'm Lill, the Fairy of the World Tree. You didn't forget about me, did you?"
  • "We meet again, Hero!"
  • "So much love. Hahaha."
  • "Hehehe~!"
  • "I feel so free lately!"
  • "Please be gentle, as you would treat the Holy Sword."
  • "Fairies cannot be touched by just anyone."
  • "Even if I look like this, I'm older than you!"



Talisha is the Christmas NPC. Her name is shown on the Calendar.

  • "Hello, I am part of the staff for this event!"
  • "Good to see you. Are things well?"
  • "Your eyes are as clear and beautiful as these Crystals!"
  • "I'll cheer you on."
  • "Fufu, I already knew you would come to see me."
  • "Welcome, brilliant one."
  • "Nice to see you around, was today a good day?"



Veronica manages the Guild

  • "Nice to meet you. I'm Veronica, and I'm in charge of logistics for the guild."
  • "Well done. Is there any specific item you need?"
  • "Welcome back."
  • "Is there something on my face."
  • "Oh my? Is there ink on my face? What should I do?"
  • "Here are your supplies. Hope to see you again."
  • "... Um, I'd really appreciate if you state your business clearly."
  • "It's really embarrassing. Could you please stop staring at me like that..."
  • "Um... Could stop staring at me?"
  • "Knowing you are always trying so hard, sometimes... No, never mind."

NPC Heroes[edit]

NPC heroes are differ from non-npc heroes. NPC heroes possess an non-combat skill/passive and can not be directly bought from the Special Shop, instead players have to get gifts to build up their friendship level with the NPC. Once players fill up the meter once they will receive the hero, and filling it up a second time will give the player that hero's unique weapon.


There are two ways to recruit a npc hero. One is by buying the NPC Random Present Box and the second is to grind enough gear to get the materials to Craft the gifts.

The gifts come in three varieties; Rare (gives 5pts), Heroic (gives 10pts), and Legendary (gives 100pts)

So if you have no interest in buying the NPC Random Present Box, then the recommended method is to farm dragon raids for gear and Dragon Coin.

Grind the gear and use the coin to buy even more gear from the Forge Shop, it's best to buy tier 3 gear as the tier makes no difference in the amount of items you get when you grind it. This method will still take a lot of time, gold, and dragon coin. Ranging in the millions for both gold and dragon coin.

Unique Weapon[edit]

The unique weapon of NPC heroes aren't available in the Arena's shop and is acquired by maxing out the NPC hero's friendship again.

But on certain events, players are given an alternative method of acquiring a NPC hero's UW. Like during the ruby spending event, spending 50k rubies would give the player a NPC Unique Weapon Ticket.