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Queen of Shackles
[Children of the Queen] increases the ATK and DEF of the boss greatly per each minion summoned. Magic heroes with AOE spells are advantageous in this stage.
Recommended Heroes
Kaulahico.png Episico.png Lorraineico.png



GrNubis1.png Desert Stinger (Cooldown: 12s)
Fire a Poison Stinger at a random enemy, dealing M.DMG and M.DoT. Also summon 3 scorpions.
GrNubis2.png Venom Absorption (Cooldown: 20s)
Absorb poison from the nearby area. Upon taking P.DMG, some DMG will be reflected as well as Petrifying the aggressor for 5 sec. After absorption ends, create a shockwave that deals M.DMG and knocks over nearby enemies for 3 sec.
GrNubis3.png Petrification Venom (Cooldown: 20s)
Injects poison into the enemy furthest away dealing M.DMG. After injection is complete. Petrify said enemy for 5 sec.
GrNubis4.png Children of the Queen
Increase ATK and DEF greatly based off the number of surviving scorpions.
GrAuthority.png Authority
Increases ATK every 10 sec. Each time this monster is inflicted by CC, increase own CC resist.
GrPurify.png Purify
Every 30 sec, remove all negative effects and increase ATK SPD.


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