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Cyclone debbie as seen from the international community. (Photo: Provided)

When the hurricane knocked out power in Fort Myers, Florida, and made it impossible to repair power outages and other utility infrastructure in surrounding areas, it triggered an extraordinary, multiyear effort by the city to build a $70 billion energy infrastructure over the next 20 years.

By late last year, the mayor and others in Miami-Dade had declared an "emergency" as residents started to call 911 to report problems at the emergency shelters.

Now, as the storm hit Cuba, where Irma struck Sunday evening, 바카라 Miami-Dade began to ask for help from other emergency responders as well.

An order to all federal departments and agencies to make available their full financial information is still pending, said spokesman David Soto. But it's not yet clear whether the city would also provide that information and resources, he said.

Some have suggested that Irma is the start of the end of the state's long and troubled energy infrastructure.

The idea is that without the extra money the state has available, Miami-Dade would likely have to cut back on construction. That would put pressure on public colleges and universities to cut funding to avoid more losses from the crisis.

The city's power grid has about $8 billion in reserves, or about 10 percent of its overall debt. The county, which pays the state, will take about 1 percent on top of that. Officials estimate the cost of repairing it will run about $40 million per day — half of that from the state budget, Soto said.

The state, through its $15 billion Inland Empire program, currently provides more than half of the state's electric generation for Miami-Dade, but that will need to be boosted by some of the remaining money.

In an effort to ease the pain, Miami-Dade Gov. Rick Scott asked the state to contribute more money, while Florida Emergency Management Agency leaders and regional and county authorities are making plans to rebuild some areas.

The governor also sought federal assistance to help Miami-Dade and other southern Florida communities rebuild. Miami-Dade received a "citizen-based" disaster relief package of $10 billion from the federal government this year, 바카라 $5 billion of which is for disaster relief and another $1.5 billion to cover the cost of other disaster relief efforts.

There is also the threat that Irma could cause widespread damage in the Caribbean, said Brian M. Stoecker, vice president for the national division of Florida Power & Light. It would be "really hard to go back" to the old electricity infrastructure, he said.

"We're going to need some more infrastructure."

Miami-Dade still uses about 4