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Ruler of the Sunken City
You must rescue allies caught by Protianus's [Water Prison] effectively by dealing P.DMG to the boss. Without dispelling [Water Prison], the party will much of their damage dealing capacity.
Recommended Heroes
Flussico.png Mitraico.png Laiasico.png

Known to some players as World Boss 2.


WBPdeadlytrident.png Deadly Trident
28 sec Cooldown
Attacks the center of the enemy formation with the Trident, dispelling all positive effects from the enemies in range, reducing their Crit Chance by 500 for 18 sec. This effect cannot be dispelled.
WBPbrushaway.png Brush Away
22 sec Cooldown
Swipes the forward area with the Trident, dealing M.DMG. Damaged enemies are silenced for 5 sec and have their ACC reduced by 200 for 10 sec.
WBPwaterprisonlockdown.png Water Prison Lockdown
35 sec Cooldown
Throws water droplets at a single enemy, dealing M.DMG and locking the enemy within a Water Prison. Additionally, lock another random target in a Water Prison every 3 sec.
WBPtsunami.png Tsunami
40 sec cooldown
Whips up a Tsunami that hits up to 50M in a frontal direction, and deals M.DMG proportional to target's current HP, inflicting Stun for 3 sec with 100% chance. Additionally reduces 600 mana per sec for 10 sec, and reduces ATK by 25%. This additional effect cannot be dispelled.
WBPdrownedsouls.png Drowned Souls
Summons 3 Ghosts every 20 sec, increasing self DEF by 25% per each Ghost.
WBPskinofprotianus.png Skin of Protianus
Protianus is not affected by ATK Spd related effects. Protianus also takes more DMG after being knocked down, but is affected more heavily by P.DMG. When Protianus damages an enemy, that enemy takes constant M.DMG for 5 sec.
WBPwaterprison.png Water Prison
Enemies locked in a Water Prison cannot move or use skills. If the Water Prison is still active after 10 sec of casting Water Prison Lockdown, the locked target loses 1500 mana and has all skill cooldowns increased by 70%. Water Prison will be dispelled when Protanius takes P.DMG 100 times.


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