Protianus (Christmas)

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The Unstoppable Lonely King
Protianus (Christmas).jpg
The Unstoppable Lonely King receives only 1 DMG from all attacks. His attacks deal DMG proportional to enemy Max HP.
Recommended Heroes
Medianaico.png Flussico.png Reinaico.png

Announced on December 21st, this world boss is a special variant of Protianus. He was only be available on the 24th of December 2017.


  • The Lonely King will rise again after 10 minutes.
  • Each time he rises, he will have even more HP.
  • You can participate in the event only for 1 DAY! (24th Dec, 08:00-23:59:59)
  • You can enter the battle by clicking [Invasion] button and acquire various rewards

after the battle.


  • Unlike other World Bosses, you can only bring 4 heroes with you.
  • All damages dealt with the Lonely King is ‘1’
  • The King inflicts the magic damage according to the total HP of the whole party.
  • In 2 minutes since the beginning of the battle, the Lonely King will enter the phase of a ‘Berserker’


Christmas World Boss Chest
Item Count
Fragment for 1 class 1/3/7
Mysterious Skillbook: Beginner 1/3/7
Mysterious Skillbook: Intermediate 1/3/7
Mysterious Skillbook: Expert 1/3/7
Mysterious Skillbook: Master 1/3/7
Christmas Star Ornament (Artifact) 1
  • You can acquire the [clearance reward] when the Lonely King you had fought against is defeated. As the clearance reward, this Christmas Red Box will be delivered to your mailbox.


WBPdeadlytrident.png Deadly Trident
18 sec Cooldown
Attacks enemy in range with the Trident, dealing M.DMG proportional to enemy Max HP, while dispelling all positive effects and stunning them for 4 sec.
WBPbrushaway.png Brush Away
24 sec Cooldown
Swipes the forward area with the Trident, dealing M.DMG. Damaged enemies are silenced for 5 sec and their ACC reduced by 200 for 10 sec.
WBPwaterprisonlockdown.png Water Prison Lockdown
32 sec Cooldown
Throws water droplet, locking the enemy within a Water Prison and dealing M.DMG proportional to enemy Max HP. Additional Random targets will be locked in a Water Prison every 5 sec.
WBPtsunami.png Tsunami
40 sec cooldown
Whips up a 50M Tsunami ahead, dealing M.DMG proportional to enemy Max HP with a 30% chance to stunning them for 5 sec. Hit enemies' Mana is reduced by 1000 per sec for 10 sec. This effect cannot be dispelled.
WBPskinofprotianus.png Skin of Protianus
Protianus is not affected by ATK Spd related effects. When hit by Protianus, the enemy will take M.DMG proportional to enemy Max HP for 5 sec.
WBPwaterprison.png Water Prison
Enemies locked in a Water Prison cannot move or use skills. If the Water Prison is still active after 20 sec of casting [Water Prison Lockdown], the locked target loses 3000 mana and has all skill cooldowns increased by 100%. Water Prison will be dispelled when Protianus takes P.DMG 350 times.


Tanks aren't needed for this boss, the ideal team is one with DPS with high ATK SPD and a strong DOT/AOE healer like Kaulah, Mediana, or Laias. Frey is not particularly useful as Protianus can dispel her shield and her heal cannot sustain the team for long.

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