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Basic Information[edit]

Raids become available once a hero reaches level 30 and is considered end game content.

Players can complete raids in groups of 2-3 but they can also be done solo. A player can solo the dragon raids with 4 heroes but this maybe difficult with Challenge raids as each player is restricted to 3 characters only.

Dragon Raid[edit]


Defeat the 4 types of Dragons to obtain the Dragon's Rewards.


  • Hard mode is unlocked after clearing level 75 of a raid.
- Hard mode dragon's have additional skills and have shorter cooldowns.
  • Loot is affected by the number players in a raid. More people will result in more rewards. You can see Dragon Raid Loot for the table of dragon raid coins.
  • It is highly recommend to bring heroes with CC, Gau being considered essential for higher levels in Dragon Raids.
  • Each dragon has a number of phases, which differ between the dragons. And defeating the dragons also rewards players with a legendary gear and Dragon Coin which can be used to buy specific dragon gear from the Forge.



Gear Name 2 Set Gear Bonus 4 Set Gear Bonus
Fire Crit + 100 Crit + 130
Frost Max HP +10% Max HP +13%
Poison Crit Resistance + 100 Crit Resistance + 130
Black MP Recovery/Attack +200 MP Recovery/Attack +260


Challenge Raid[edit]


Challenge Raids are content that opens in random fashion and order.


Challenge Raid Period: 2 weeks
Join requirement: You must have at least one Lv.35 hero
Party Info: Max 3 Player Party (Max 3 heroes per player)

Open Rules[edit]

  • Challenge Raids are raids that open differently each season.
  • Single/Multiplayer
  • Banned heroes or classes; the rules change every time, so make sure to check up on them.
  • Caution: 24 hours after a season ends, rewards can no longer be received.

Battle Rules[edit]

The fight against the Cruel Tyrant known as the Urkak, the Fallen Goblin King, is a battle that up to 3 players may participate in. Each player can set only 3 heroes.

Ranking Criteria[edit]

This season has no ranking.