Rebel Clause

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Rebel Clause
Shieldless Knight

5 star costume

Class Warrior
Atk Type Physical
Position Front
Grade ★★★★★


The ‘Guardian Knight of Orvel’ that was once expected to be the next Commander of Knights of Orvelia. But as he abandoned his shield and picked up a sword, he is no longer the cheerful and valiant knight he once was. He exhausts his very own life, only wanting one thing: the salvation of his loved ones.

Pros and Cons[edit]




Determined Strike Determined Strike[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.png 7 sec Cooldown
Deals P.DMG to frontal enemies within range and inflicts Stun for 2 sec. If the target is a boss, deals additional P.DMG.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 25%.

Indomitable Will Indomitable Will[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 18 sec Cooldown
Deals P.DMG to nearby enemies, entering into the irremovable state of [Indomitable Will] for 10 sec. While in [Indomitable Will] state, ATK Spd is increased by 500 and the duration of CC inflicted upon self is reduced by 50%.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 25%.

Perish Perish[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.pngMana.png 20 sec Cooldown
Attacks a random enemy 6 times, dealing P.DMG each hit. Afterward, delivers an additional attack that deals P.DMG to nearby enemies and knocks them down for 3 sec.

 20 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 25%.

Power of Galicta Power of Galicta[edit]

Rebel Clause is not affected by Block stats, but his Crit Chance increases by 200, and when his DEF Penetration reaches 1,000 or above, all of his attacks ignore the target’s DEF. Additionally, his normal attacks deal additional P.DMG to all enemies and inflict [Curse of Galicta] upon them for 6 sec. If the target is already inflicted with [Curse of Galicta], the target won't take additional DMG.

 20 Skill Book: Master Crit Chance Boost is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master Crit Chance Boost is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master Crit Chance Boost is increased by 25%

Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Determined Strike Determined Strike[edit]

[Light] Increases DMG by 100% when there is 1 enemy.
[Dark] Increases the duration of Stun by 1 sec.

Indomitable Will Indomitable Will[edit]

[Light] Increases Crit DMG by 50% while in [Indomitable Will] state.
[Dark] Upon using the Skill, dispels all negative effects from self.

Perish Perish[edit]

[Light] Recovers own Mana by 100 each hit.
[Dark] Gains immunity to CC while in use.

Power of Galicta Power of Galicta[edit]

[Light] Additionally reduces the target's P.DEF by 50% for the duration of [Curse of Galicta].
[Dark] Deals additional P.DMG equal to 100% of ATK to Non-Hero enemies.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Rebel Clause Rebel Clause[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / Crit Chance +100
[Dark] At the beginning of each battle, Rebel Clause deals 12% increased DMG to Non-Hero enemies and takes 5% reduced DMG. This effect can be stacked up to max 5 times and is irremovable.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta
Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta
Star Value Value
Increases DEF Penetration by 200 Upon every Skill use, consumes 20% of own current HP but increases DMG dealt to enemies by 2% for 30 sec instead. The DMG Boost effect can be stacked up to max 5 times and is irremovable.
240 2.4%
★★ 290 2.9%
★★★ 350 3.5%
★★★★ 420 4.2%
★★★★★ 500 5%
  • Item introduction:

1st Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Cloak of Despair
Cloak of Despair
Star Value
[Determined Strike] Reduces Mana Cost by 1 and increases additional P.DMG by 40% if the target is a boss.
★★ 58%
★★★ 70%
★★★★ 84%
★★★★★ 100%
  • Item Introduction: The cloak that was bestowed upon Clause on the day he officially became a knight. Each time he took it out and reflected on his early resolutions, Kasel would sit next to him and talk about how he wanted to become a knight as well. Just thinking about those precious memories were so painful to him. The object that once guided him whenever he felt doubt now became a symbol of his failure to protect his brother. Every time Clause laid eyes upon his cape, he became overcome with guilt. Unable to bear the pain, he ended up howling in agony and ripping the cloak to pieces.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Irreversible Hatred
Irreversible Hatred
Star Value
[Indomitable Will] Increases the duration of [Indomitable Will] by 5 sec, and increases ATK by 12% for the duration of Skill.
★★ 17%
★★★ 21%
★★★★ 25%
★★★★★ 30%

  • Item Introduction: While he was searching for Kasel and Frey, Clause happened to come across an apprentice priest and apprentice knight surrounded by Demons. Being strongly reminded of his siblings, who he has failed to protect, there was no way Clause could just pass them by. After the battle ended, the apprentice priest gave Clause a priest's brooch as a token of her gratitude. The same brooch that his sister Frey owned was also a sign of Lua, who betrayed his dearest siblings Kasel and Frey. Clause couldn't bear to throw it away-his longing for Frey was greater than his hate for Lua. But his rage eventually overpowered him, and he destroyed the brooch in his hands.

3rd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Old Mittens
Old Mittens
Star Value
[Perish] Reduces Cooldown by 2 sec, and each hit inflicts Stun on the target for 1 sec.
★★ 2.9
★★★ 3.5
★★★★ 4.2
★★★★★ 5
  • Item Introduction: A pair of gloves that Clause still treasures. Though the threads are unraveling at the edges and the fur is ragged, Clause still takes these gloves out and looks at them whenever he misses his family. But every time he takes the gloves out, Clause finds that it has unraveled a little more, just like his life force is slowly dwindling every time he uses Galicta's power. I must reach them...Before these gloves unravel, before it comes to an end...I must see them one more time...

4th Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Everlasting Protection
Everlasting Protection
Star Value
[Power of Galicta] Increases CC Resist by 300 and reduces the target's DEF Penetration by 200 for the duration of [Curse of Galicta].
★★ 430
★★★ 520
★★★★ 630
★★★★★ 750
  • Item Introduction: Exian, a weapon given only to the knight with the most noble beliefs. It symbolized a knight's duty to protect his country, the people, and life itself, but Clause tried to throw it all away. He couldn't bear it all when he had failed to protect anything. But Maria stopped him and remade Exian into a new form. -The soul inside this weapon still wants to protect you. Don't turn your back on its wishes. Will the day ever come when he will take up his shield again? Even Clause himself couldn't answer that question. But when he accepted Exian from Maria, Clause felt himself become enveloped by a warm, kind soul. It was the voice of the ancient dragon, promising it would protect Clause so that his beliefs would never falter.

Soul Weapon[edit]

Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta
Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta
Cooldown Skill Activation Requirement Advancement Phase 1
Summons the Soul of Adversary of the Goddess, Galicta, increasing own ATK by 40% for 10 sec. Afterward, attacks a random target and nearby enemies in a circular range, dealing P.DMG and knocking them down for 3 sec. 16 sec Charges up upon using Skills 4 times Increases DMG by 50%.
Available Use(s) Advancement Phase 2
5 Increases own DMG that ignores DEF by 30% for the duration of soul
  • Soul Weapon Story:



  • He is 20 years old.
  • He is is 195cm (about 6'3)
  • His birthday is October 22nd which is the month of friendship.
  • His constellation is Asiphia the Empress.
  • He likes his new family.
  • He dislikes causing harm to friends, the Goddess Lua.

Backstory from Patch Notes

“Clause, I’m going to remove the barrier that binds Galicta.”

Clause raised his head. Barely managing to stay conscious. He struggled to raise himself and see Hilda in front of him.

“Clause, wield Galicta. But know this... as you are not a descendant of the kingdom, if Galicta does not choose you, you will die a painful death.”

Clause clenched his teeth hard. He could taste the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.

“I do not care.” “Also... Galicta will give you power in exchange for your life. That is the price to pay.” “I do not care about that either.” “I would like to ask you this final question... What made you do this?”

Clause’s vision was blurry, then became clear. He could see those he missed in front of him. Those more precious than anything.

...A promise. A promise that I will protect them no matter the cost...” “I wish... you fulfill that promise.”

Something seemed to be pulling Clause. The ground trembled, blue light that seemed to burn his eyes. Enormous power that could only come at a cost.

“...That promise that I will protect you both... Perhaps I can finally... fulfill that.”

Hands that had left all hesitation behind grasped the sword. The now Shieldless Knight, strides forward.

Hero's Backstory

He had no special past, no superhuman strength, or no exceptional intellect. In a time when many orphans streamed out into the streets for countless reasons, Clause was just another ordinary, forgettable boy at the orphanage. He couldn't even remember who named him or whether his birthday was really his birthday. Ricardo was strict yet kind. But he could never stay at the orphanage for long. So the younger kids turned to Clause, who was only a couple of years older than them, for support and affection. Though Clause himself was just a small child, he quickly became used to taking care of and protecting someone. Ad a boy who took on his kind of responsibility without a doubt, it was only natural that Clause wanted to become a knight that protects others. The he met Frey and Kasel. Among all the children at the orphanage, they were the most special. Their conversations, how they looked at him, and the time they spent together- all of them turned Clause from an ordinary boy into an extraordinary young man. Clause started calling Kasel and Frey his family. When other kids tried to tease the two, Clause would always show up and take their side. There was a time when he believed that the three of them would always remain a family, even if he became a knight and even if they all grew up and left the orphanage. He who abandoned the shield that failed to protect kept on reminding himself that the pain he felt every time he raised his sword was a punishment for his failure. But he knew he couldn't just stop and beat himself up forever. His family was waiting for him. They are waiting for him to rescue them, just like he always did in the childhood days. To end the long wait, to keep his dearest promise, Clause takes another step today. Even when the darkness covers your eyes, and the night is so long you feel as if it will end, do not worry. Don't be scared. The morning sun will rise. And I'll be by your side, holding your hands.


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