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Premium currency that can be bought from the Special Shop or earned in game.

Earning Rubies[edit]

Daily Rubies:

Weekly Rubies:

Other Sources:

Spending Rubies[edit]

Newbie trap #1: Mileage and Lua's Tokens[edit]

tl;dr- Mileage and Lua's Tokens are applicable to Dolphins and Whales (players who spend money regularly) only. Don't worry about these two types of currency

Mileage is obtained by spending rubies in the shop, the game's premium currency. Buying heroes with and rolling the High Quality gacha will provide you with mileage, which can currently be used to purchase a unique weapon selector - redeemable for one unique weapon of the players choosing(New hero unique weapons are excluded). Unique weapons are certainly fancy, but they do not improve your performance enough to worry about until you hit the very end game. They are also obtainable from playing in the arena (pvp) consistently and can be rolled in the High Quality gacha, so they aren't quite as elite as mileage would make them seem. Given that this is the only use for mileage currently, I strongly recommend you only see mileage as a side bonus for the people that spend serious money, and don't worry yourself about it.

Lua's Tokens are even more premium, obtainable only by making cash purchases in the shop. Similar to Mileage, Lua's Tokens can be redeemed for various items in the shop. Again, this should only be viewed as a bonus for players who spend a lot of money (you'll need to make roughly $1000 USD worth of purchases to redeem anything worth using. Yep, completely serious)

Newbie trap #2: Purchasing New Units in the Special Shop[edit]

tl;dr- All units are B+ or better, even the starters. Only use rubies to establish a core team of 4 units unless you just feel like spending money. Do not buy characters if you are free to play.

Characters are cool. We all want them. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of resources to level them up to max, and you can only use 4 at a time for most content anyways in the current game, which means more characters in your roster will only slow you down in terms of progression. Luckily for us, the game is very generous in this regard, giving us: 4 characters to start with(Kasel, Roi, Cleo, Frey) Clause (Finish every mission in chapter 1 on easy difficulty with a 3 star rating) A free 2 star hero selector (Finish every mission in chapter 1 on normal difficulty with a three star rating) A free 3 star hero selector (New player Day 5 reward) With all of these freebies, you should easily be able to establish a core team of 4 units to progress through the game with. Now, I don't want to spend a lot of time talking about it, but I know people will want to know what a team should look like, so I will give you a brief description of what a solid starter team should look like, give or take. A well rounded team would be comprised of:

A front-line unit (warrior/knight) that takes the brunt of the damage (Kasel, Clause, Morrah, Jane, Demia, Phillop, Gau, Naila, Theo) A Physical DPS (Roi, Reina, Fluss, Selene, Rodina, Miruru, Lakrak) OR A Magical DPS (Cleo, Pavel, Lorraine, Maria, Epis, Dimael, Luna) A healer (Frey, Kaulah, Rephy, Baudoin, Leo) Establish a team of 4 units, then resist the urge to make another hero purchase until you have a maxed level 70 (5 star) team, because it will absolutely be a waste earlier than that. Instead, utilize the inn to bring new people to your army without using rubies while you level your main squad.

Newbie Trap #3: Rolling for Items on the High Quality Gacha[edit]

tl;dr- Waste of rubies in all regards, should not roll other than the daily free roll before you have progressed to chapter 5 and have at least one 5 star unit.

Now to address the other newbie trap in the room, the High Quality gacha. Most free to play games utilize the gacha as the money hook- they put the real goodies in the slot machine and eat the gambling addicts and the big spenders right up, while the free to play either reroll to oblivion or suffer in irrelevance(sometimes both). With King's Raid, however, this simply isn't the case. The High Quality gacha contains higher rarity gear that is scaled to your level, with the low chance to drop artifacts and unique weapons. These prizes, however, are a trap. To even equip an artifact you have to spend 2 million gold unlocking the slot on the character you want to equip it to, and even then most of the effects will barely have any impact. Unique weapons are similar. They require a lot of resources to enhance, and the extra passives they provide- while nice- are not going to completely change the game for you.

Therefore, it is a terrible waste of your valuable rubies to roll them on the High Quality (red) machine unless you have nothing else at all to spend them on. In fact, I would even save the free rolls the game gives you until you get to chapter 5 anyways, since the prizes for the gacha scale to your level. You are much more likely to just get high rarity equipment from the gacha then you are to get the big prizes, and that equipment can significantly improve the pace at which you clear chapter 5. Finally, the game runs an increased chance to obtain weapons/treasure events whenever a big patch comes out (usually adding new characters to the pool). You'll want to save all of your 10+1 free rolls until these events happen for the highest chance of obtaining weapons/treasure.

As an alternative to the gacha, players can obtain unique weapons from the arena with their daily arena rewards. Yes, it will take a while, but again, they aren't going to be changing the game for you much anyways. Artifacts can also be obtained without rubies from the Tower of Challenges, it just takes a while :)

Spending your rubies Wisely: Scrolls and Alternative Stamina Refreshes[edit]

tl;dr- Scrolls are a decent investment, and refreshing is the best thing you can do. Skip to the next sections for methods, math, and stuff.

In the special shop you will notice that there are gold scrolls, exp scrolls, and loot scrolls being sold for 100-500 rubies. Each of them double their namesake- gold scrolls provide double income, exp scrolls double the amount of exp received, and loot scrolls give you a second item for every item that drops. Gold and exp scrolls work during hot time- you get 3x exp/gold if you have a scroll active during a server double effect of the same nature. Gold scrolls work on the Treasury, and Loot scrolls work on the upper dungeon(not the stockade) Using scrolls is not a waste of money(particularly the gold scrolls), but they aren't top priority either. Use them if you want to, and don't feel bad for it. Note that the bundles provide 12 scrolls for the price of 10, so you get 2 for free if you buy bulk. Loot scrolls, while more expensive, are far more valuable- we'll address their primary use shortly. Now, Stamina in this game recharges at an almost alarmingly high rate. Stamina boosters can also be purchased in the guild shop and in the inn. It's not exactly a limiter on your gameplay. There are, however, some activities that you can only do 5 times a day. Those would be:

  • Clearing the Stockade for skill books
  • Clearing the Castle Treasury for gold
  • Clearing the Upper Dungeon for fragments

Thankfully, the wonderful people at Vespa decided to allow us players to utilize rubies to get another 5 runs on each of these things(except for the treasury) at the low, low cost of 100 rubies. The price doubles each time you do on the same server day, but still, the amount of time saved vs rubies invested is staggering. Now, how to use this to our advantage?

Using Your Rubies to Farm Fragments[edit]

tl;dr- Get a loot scroll, wait until 30 minutes before server reset, use said loot scroll, then run the upper dungeon 15-20 times both before and after the server resets. This is the best use of your rubies.

Evolution of your characters is the biggest wall you will face as you progress through the game. The prices of evolution increase drastically as you progress, from 60 fragments to make a 3 star, to 240 fragments to make a 4 star, to a whopping 840 fragments to make a 5 star! Meanwhile, at the basic rate you get 25-40 fragments a day, assuming you run the upper dungeons 5 times a day. This means it will take you a staggering 84 days minimum to take a team of 4 stars to their 5 star form, which is pretty absurd when you realize how quickly you can get a 4 star team maxed out. Thankfully, Vespa decided to spare us this misery and allow us two boons for this situation- loot scrolls and ruby refreshes. Loot scrolls double our return on a run of the upper dungeon, and a ruby refresh grants us 5 more runs at a time, so if we do as many runs as we can in the 1 hour period a loot scroll provides, we can maximize our fragment farming rate. Now, each ruby refresh costs double the last during a server day, so doing this at just any point in the day can get rather costly. To circumvent this cumulative increase we use our loot scroll exactly 30 minutes before the server resets(reset occurs at 11 pm US Central time), giving us 30 minutes of double fragments on two different days. So: Use loot scroll 30 minutes before server reset

  1. Run the upper dungeon 5 times
  2. Pay 100 rubies to get 5 more runs, then do those.
  3. Pay 200 rubies to get 5 more runs, then do those.
  4. (optional, depending on rubies and time) Pay 400 rubies to get 5 more runs, then do those.
  5. Server resets because 30 minutes have passed. We get 5 dungeon runs to start our new day. We do those.
  6. Pay 100 rubies because the price has reset on a new day, then do our 5 more runs.
  7. Pay 200 rubies for 5 more runs, then do those
  8. (optional, depending on time and rubies) Pay 400 rubies for 5 more runs, then do those.

by doing this, we spend 500 rubies plus the 600 for the 4 refreshes (1100 total, or 1900 if you did the extra two runs) to increase the rate we get fragments dramatically. Instead of 25-35 fragments in a day, we get 150-210 a day for 2 days (300-420 in one run, or 400-560 if you took the optional runs). This means instead of 84 days for a 5 star team, we can have the 4 units promoted in 14 days, which is far more reasonable- and it only costs between 8800-11000 rubies total depending on how many runs you do at a time and which dungeon you run. Shaving 70 days off of your wait to progress to the late game is well worth every ruby, far more so than the 40-50 days you would save purchasing 2 characters for around the same price. This is by far the best way to spend rubies, whether you want to spend money or not.

Other Things to Do with Rubies[edit]

tl;dr- don't buy gold with rubies, refreshing the stockade is surprisingly good, and buying stamina potions with rubies isn't awful but not really worth it.

So, what else can we do with rubies? Honestly, not a whole lot. You can refresh your actual stamina, but you should never do that. If you want to spend rubies on stamina, buy stamina potions from the special shop instead. I mean, it's not as bad or wasteful as buying heroes or rolling the gacha, but there are enough sources of stamina that it's unnecessary.

You can buy gold with rubies if you are a crazy person that doesn't value their rubies whatsoever- the return on investment is embarrassing, honestly. If it were 10 million maybe, or even 5 million possibly...but not 2 million. That's....that's just terrible. I mean, feel free to do this if your budget is huge, but then, if your budget is huge, why are you reading this? One last thing you can do if you want is refresh the stockade. as it stands, if you can run the stockade on the highest difficulty, it will take you 20 weeks to max out a character's skills. By refreshing just once a day, you can cut down the time by 10 weeks, for a mere 1000 rubies total per character. refreshing twice a day reduces it to 7 weeks (or 10 weeks if you can only do the hard difficulty), but costs 3000 rubies per character, which is quite a bit more. Maxing skills isn't necessarily top priority, but it is definitely more pvp relevant than a unique weapon. Do it if you want to get stronger faster, consider it if you make small purchases, wait until you have a full 5 star team if you are fully free-to-play.

Some Final Tips[edit]

Enhance your gear- it makes a huge difference in your ability to clear content. The difference between a base item and it's +10 form is staggering. Make a point to get gear relevant to your level and enhance it ASAP when starting a new chapter, in particular weapons for your dps and armor/ secondary gear for your frontline unit.

Don't do raids during hot time. It's a waste of the stamina you could be using to level characters or make money.

Use a gold scroll during the gold hot time if you have one, then run the treasury. You make a good chunk of change this way. It's not necessary, but it helps.

Gear options are the extra stats randomly assigned to higher rarity gear, and having a good set of appropriate options can significantly increase your unit's performance. That being said, do not raise the value of options on gear that is less than T5 unless you have a mission that tells you to. It's just not worth the investment. In fact, don't max the options on a piece of T5 equipment either unless it has the options you want on it, because it drains tons of resources to do so.

2 star purple equipment is more than enough to get you to normal difficulty of the next chapter- further awakenings of equipment are ultimately a waste. Similarly, don't waste the resources it takes to enhance a gold weapon that is less than T5- the purples will do just fine.

Use guild points for stamina potions. The heroic runes are good, but they also drop from chapter 5 hard mode, which you will be farming a LOT in the future. Using the stamina potions to maximize your hot time farming is a much better use of your guild points.

Consider grinding extra equipment instead of selling it. The gold you get isn't bad by any means, but maxing options on T5 equipment has an insane dust requirement, and you will need all of it you can get if you want to have the best gear.

When you raid, you get to bid on up to one item each, then the other items are randomly distributed- whether you want them or not. Don't get mad because someone stronger/weaker than you got most of the items in your raid- they have no say in the matter.

Weeks until Hero Purchase[edit]

Arena Rank Weeks Until 3★ Hero Weeks Until 2★ Hero
Champion 3 2
Challenger 2nd-10th 4 3
Challenger 11th-50th 5 3
Challenger 51th and under 6 4
Master 1st-50th 7 5
Master 51st-100th 7 5
Master 101st and under 8 6
Diamond III 9 6
Diamond II 10 7
Diamond I 10 7
Platinum III 11 7
Platinum II 11 8
Platinum I 12 8
Gold III 13 9
Gold II 13 9
Gold I 14 10
Silver III 16 11
Silver II 17 11
Silver I 18 12
Bronze III 21 14
Bronze II 23 16
Bronze I 25 17