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Wind-Piercing Arrow

2 star costume

3 star costume

4 star costume

5 star costume

Class Archer
Role Main DPS
Atk Type Physical
Position Middle
Grade ★★

An Elf Princess with a lofty air, she guards the sacred forest. Arrows filled with moon energy follow her will to track down her enemies, and arrows filled with wind energy fiercely pierce the enemy.


Pros and Cons[edit]

+ High Single Target damage
+ Decent in content with multiple enemies
+ High innate Crit chance, can easily hit 100% Crit
+ Good in Chapter 7, since Selene does not rely on a debuff of any sort
+ S3 is strong in Arena
- Reliant on UW
- Not the best hero option for any content
- No CC
- No Debuffs to help out overall team damage


Main dps
Trans Perk: ATK up/HP up/Precision Shot/Moonlight Arrow (Light)/Selene [Light]/Selene [Dark]
UW rune: ATK runes x3
Stats: Att, Att speed, crit dmg, crit, 1 lifesteal and 1 pen


Arrow Rain Arrow Rain[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.png 8 sec Cooldown
Shoots 12 arrows to random enemies and deals a total of 138,612 P.DMG.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 25%.

Rush Rush[edit]

Mana Mana.png 6 sec Cooldown
Upon attacking, summons 5 arrows that launch towards the enemy. Each arrow deals 25,192 P.DMG.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 25%.

Moonlight Flash Moonlight Flash[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.pngMana.png 20 sec Cooldown
Fires an arrow in a straight line, dealing P.DMG to all enemies in range proportional to their current HP. Deals a maximum of 148,349 P.DMG and inflicts knock down.

 20 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 25%.

Moonlight Arrow Moonlight Arrow[edit]

Active 0.1 sec Cooldown
Upon attacking, ATK is increased by 711 for 10 sec, and Crit Chance is increased by 100. Can be stacked up to 3 times max.

 20 Skill Book: Master DEF Penetration is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master DEF Penetration is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master Each attack increases hero's Crit DMG by 10%.

Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Arrow Rain Arrow Rain[edit]

[Light] DMG is increased by 40%.
[Dark] There is a 20% chance to inflict stun for 2 sec.

Rush Rush[edit]

[Light] Ignores DEF if there is only 1 enemy.
[Dark] Make the enemy flinch for 0.5 sec.

Moonlight Flash Moonlight Flash[edit]

[Light] Reduces cooldown by 3 secs.
[Dark] Ignores enemy block.

Moonlight Arrow Moonlight Arrow[edit]

[Light] Max stack number is changed to 5.
[Dark] Auto attack range is boosted by 20%.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Selene Selene[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / Crit DMG +20%.
[Dark] Own Crit Chance is decreased by 300 and Crit DMG is increased by 100%.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Green Winds, Notos
Green Winds, Notos
Star Value Value
Upon a Crit Hit, ATK Spd is increased by 200 for 10 sec, and for the duration of skill, each auto attack fires an arrow that deals extra 100% P.DMG.
240 120%
★★ 280 140%
★★★ 340 170%
★★★★ 410 210%
★★★★★ 500 250%



  • Selene is an elf whose age is unknown.
  • Her birthday is July 11th.
  • Her constellation is Notmun the Tuner.
  • She likes those who work in harmony and take responsibilities.
  • Selene dislikes those who abandon their own beliefs and flee from danger.
  • The players meets Selene in chapter 2 and she will continue to appears in some scenarios.
  • Selene comes from Elidora forest, specifically the kingdom within.
  • The early version of King's raid revealed Selene's last name to be Blitzbint.
  • She has a younger sister named Dosarta whose turn it is to guard the Tower of Challenge. Every several years, the royal descendants have to take turns guarding the tower.
  • It is unknown if her parents are the current monarchs of Elidora. In the early version of the game there is a mention of an "elf queen" and Selene mentions that her mother is injured.

Story from the game: This noble elven princess admires the Holy Sword and its chosen warrior. She strives as much as she can to do what's right, and wants others to do the same, This is why she offers genuine criticism to anyone who strays from the path of righteousness, even if its the warrior f the Holy Sword. Unfortunately, her stout resolve is sometimes taken the wrong way by others. She often visits her younger sister Dosarta at her tower to keep her company.


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