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A high-ranking Demon that carries 30 million types of curses inside her. Intrigued by the will of humans who don't submit to pain and anguish. Uses the Bow and Arrows of Corruption to torment enemies with many different curses.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Item introduction: Curses are born from negative feelings such as hatred, jealousy, and resentment. These are the best food for Shamilla. The wings that grew powerful during the Demon War by absorbing the curses of countless people are terrifying to normal people. Those who are touched by the feathers are said to be bound by many curses, and they fall into a vortex of emotions. In that abyss, a captivating and seductive laughter echoes. The laughter of a demon that enjoys the different kinds of human feelings.

Unique Treasure[edit]

Item introduction: Shamilla has been cursed to hold all the curses in the world inside her, but could also be seen as a savior who binds all those curses. Her death would mean that all evil she holds within would go back out into the world. This jar of Curses that Shamilla made is used to retrieve curses that Shamilla spat out.


  • Due to being a demon, her age is unknown.
  • She is 165cm (about 5'4' feet)
  • Her birthday is June 2.
  • Her constellation is Mira the Minstrel.
  • She likes unexpected situations, people who fight against the flow of things.
  • She dislikes boring scenarios, obvious stories.
  • She is the demon that promised Theo a second chance to save Jane. She appears in his substory scenario.
  • Special credits to king's raid player 'Obysuca' for helping by sending Shamilla's screenshot.

Story from the game: A powerful Demon who used to be one of the officers serving Dark Lord Angmund. She is capable of holding all of the curses in the world. But her real goal isn't resurrection of the Dark lord, nor world domination. Everything that happens in the world is a part of drama, and she thinks of herself as the audience. Her actions are like that of a scriptwriter who revises the scenario, pulling the strings from the shadows and looking forward to how the scenes she's written play out.

Story from the patch notes:

She is a demon who was born from the first curse in the beginning of the world. She carries all types of curses. Amongst the curses, ‘Strong Light of Souls’ is her favorite. A noble soul that endures all kinds of evil in the world - Pain, Grief, and Despair It doesn’t matter whether the soul is swayed by the light while absorbed to the darkness, She is just another ‘spectator’ who is enjoying watching the process. Then… It’s also her who drives the story from behind the stage. “So, my hero. Let’s write a new chapter of the history, shall we? Ha, ha, ha…”


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