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The Stockade is where you can earn Skill books for advancing skills. The books you can get from the stockade changes everyday, so it's important not to forget to use up all 5 stockade keys. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the next week to get what you need. Nicky is the npc that guards the stockade.

Loot Booster does not work on the Skill Books obtained from the Stockade.

Clearing harder difficulties will reward the player with more skill books.

Difficulty Easy Normal Hard Hell
Rewards 6 8 10 12



Stockadearea1.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
Don't underestimate slime! They split and multiply in a disorderly fashion! If you deal with them quickly, you may survive.

Monster Characteristics: Splits continuously
Recommended Heroes:
Miruruico.png Aishaico.png Nyxico.png
Selectable Reward: Knight Skill Books


Stockadearea2.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
It's no use swinging weapons! They don't even take on physical form! Well, magic attacks might work.

Monster Characteristics: Immune to P.Attacks
Recommended Heroes:
Episico.png Lorraineico.png Mariaico.png
Selectable Reward: Warrior Skill Books


Stockadearea3.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
Magic? It won't work on them. They love to suck up magic. What should we do? Just smash them physically!

Monster Characteristics: Immune to M.Attacks
Recommended Heroes:
Rodinaico.png Roiico.png Phillopico.png
Selectable Reward: Assassin Skill Books


Stockadearea4.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
Hellfire everywhere! If you don't want to turn to ashes, you will need someone who can protect your party.

Monster Characteristics: Regular damage over whole area
Recommended Heroes:
Laiasico.png Kaulahico.png Archico.png
Selectable Reward: Archer Skill Books


Stockadearea5.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
Their healing ability is incredible! If you don't put them down quickly enough, you will fall first.

Monster Characteristics: Continuous Recovery
Recommended Heroes:
Tanyaico.png Morrahico.png Mitraico.png
Selectable Reward: Mechanic Skill Books


Stockadearea6.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
While their wings are flapping, you will have no chance to deal any kind of damage to them. You need to stop their wings!

Monster Characteristics: A protective shield disarmed by crowd control skill
Recommended Heroes:
Mariaico.png Gauico.png Nailaico.png
Selectable Reward: Wizard Skill Books


Stockadearea7.png Advice from Nicky the Jailer
When you encounter them, you might be electrified until you are paralyzed. Just keep your distance from them, will you?

Monster Characteristics: Splits continuously
Recommended Heroes:
Seleneico.png Lunaico.png Baudouinico.png
Selectable Reward: Priest Skill Books

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