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Progressing in story or adventure mode is necessary to unlock areas such as the Upper Dungeons, and Conquest.

Basic Information

Hell Mode

Hell mode chapter 1 through 6 is unlocked after clearing chapter 6 hard level stage 6-21.

First Time Clear Rewards

After clearing a stage or all stages you will be given a reward.

Stage Rewards

Clear each stage rewards players with rubies.

Mode Non-boss
Mini-Boss stage
& Conquest
Final Boss
Easy Ruby 5 Ruby 7 Ruby 10
Normal Ruby 7 Ruby 10 Ruby 15
Hard Ruby 10 Ruby 15 Ruby 20
Hell Ruby 15 Ruby 20 Ruby 25

Chapter Rewards

Mode Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Easy Clause Gold 300,000 Gold 500,000
Normal 2 Star Hero Ticket 10 Unknown Fragments x5 10 Unknown Fragments x8
Hard Ruby 100 Ruby 200 Ruby 300
Hell Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2 Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2 Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2
Mode Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Easy Gold 800,000 Gold 1,000,000 Gold 1,500,000
Normal 10 Unknown Fragments x10 10 Unknown Fragments x15 Summon Special Item x2
Hard Ruby 400 Ruby 500 Ruby 600
Hell Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2 Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2 Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 2
Mode Chapter 7
Easy Gold 3,000,000
Normal Mysterious Rune: Ancient x 4
Hard Ruby 700
Hell Stone of Infinity x3


Chapter 1

Location: King's Plains

Chapter 2

Location: Elidora Forest

You'll encounter P.DMG immune mobs, ghost wolves and the like, so a pure physical team might have some difficulty clearing some stages.

Chapter 3

Location: Ogria Mountain

Chapter 4

Location: Galluah Plains

Chapter 5

Location: Arrovina Shore

Chapter 6

Location: Aegina Desert

Chapter 7

Location: Windland Snow Mountain

Mobs in chapter 7 can self cleanse debuffs and CC resist maybe helpful in here as well (if you aren't building Frey) as your heroes will get frost and frozen debuffs.

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