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Whispering Sands, Arlaq
Whispering Sands, Arlaq
Cooldown Skill Activation Requirement Advancement Phase 1
Summons Whispering Sands, Arlaq for 6 sec, recovering own Mana by 500 every sec, and reducing ATK Spd of enemies within circular range of self by 120. The ATK Spd Reduction effect stacks up to 5 times, and enemies inflicted with 5 stacks take 50% increased M.DMG for 7 sec, and become Petrified. 22 sec Charges up over 21 sec. Increases own ATK by 40% for the duration of Skill.
Available Use(s) Advancement Phase 2
6 For every sec, dispel positive effects from an enemy within range and deals M.DMG.