Tower of Ordeals

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The Tower of Ordeals can be accessed at the Hall of Heroes once the player has at least 1 hero awakened to 5 stars and resets every week on Monday.

It consists of 25 floors that give Fragment of Infinity with additional rewards every 5th floor, each floor only yields rewards once per week.

Each floor has a randomized team of 4 NPC Heroes, however every 5th floor only has teams of 2.

  • 1st - 4th Floor: Fragment of Infinity x70
  • 5th Floor : Fragment of Infinity x70 + All Fragment x10
  • 6th - 9th Floor: Fragment of Infinity x75
  • 10th Floor : Fragment of Infinity x75 + All Fragment x20
  • 11th - 14th: Fragment of Infinity x80
  • 15th Floor : Fragment of Infinity x80 + All Essence x3
  • 16th - 19th Floor: Fragment of Infinity x85
  • 20th Floor : Fragment of Infinity x85 + All Essence x4
  • 21st - 24th Floor: Fragment of Infinity x90
  • 25th Floor : Fragment of Infinity x90 + All Essence x5

Clearing all 25 floors yields 2000 Fragments of Infinity and the equivalent of 150 of all Fragments, 120 of which are in the form of Essence.


  • Manual Control is almost always necessary to clear higher floors.
  • CC is highly recommended at higher floors, the NPC heroes have way more HP than player heroes.
  • Sometimes teams that are very strong against magical or physical damage are randomized, it may be a good idea to build up a second team that does physical/magical damage.

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