Upper Dungeon

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Upper Dungeons are where players can farm Fragments to awaken heroes or to turn them Essences via Crafting to Transcend heroes.

Using Loot Boosters doubles the Fragments gained per run. A guide on how to efficently farm Fragments using Loot Boosters can be found here.

Black Gunpowder Storage[edit]

UpperDungeon1.png Unlocks after clearing 1-16

Fragment drop per run: 3
Enemies: Lv16 Goblins

Bloody Wings Tribal Outpost[edit]

UpperDungeon2.png Unlocks after clearing 2-20

Fragment drop per run: 5
Enemies: Lv23 Harpies

Valley of the Red Earth[edit]

UpperDungeon3.png Unlocks after clearing 3-18

Fragment drop per run: 6
Enemies: Lv35 Orcs

Altar of the Undead[edit]

UpperDungeon4.png Unlocks after clearing 4-20

Fragment drop per run: 7
Enemies: Lv47 Skeletons

Entrance to Black Thorn Fortress[edit]

UpperDungeon5.png Unlocks after clearing 5-9

Fragment drop per run: 8
Enemies: Lv59 Dark Elves

Forgotten Desert Wind Cave[edit]

UpperDungeon6.png Unlocks after clearing 6-18

Fragment drop per run: 10
Enemies: Lv70 Lizardmen

Ice Crystal Cave[edit]

UpperDungeon7.png Unlocks after clearing 7-6

Fragment drop per run: 15
Enemies: Lv80 Frost Gaints

Temeraire's Lair[edit]

150px Unlocks after clearing 8-26

Fragment drop per run: 20
Enemies: Lv90 Draconics

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