Mountain Fortress

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Mountain Fortress
Legacy of Ancient Royal Technomagi
Mountain Fortress.png
The Mountain Fortress loses DEF and takes increased M.DMG while its Core is vulnerable. When it uses [Defense Mode] use M.DMG to strip out the Core, creating an opportunity to deal massive DMG.
Recommended Heroes
Freyico.png Lunaico.png Janeico.png

Known as world boss 1 by many players.


WB EliminateTarget.png Eliminate Targets
15 sec Cooldown
Fires lasers, attacking a single target 6 times and dealing massive DMG. Each hit reduces target P. and M. DEF by 10% for 10 sec. This attack has a high Crit. Chance.
WB DefensiveMode.png Defensive Mode
24 sec Cooldown
Increases P. and M. DEF by a large margin for 15 sec and activates [Avalanche] for 15 sec. In this time frame, M.DMG makes it easier for the Core to be exposed.
WB EarthBlow.png Earth Blow
26 sec Cooldown
Strikes the earth, dealing P.DMG to all enemies in wide range and knocks them down for 5 sec.
WB RayofAnnihilation.png Ray of Annihilation
40 sec cooldown
Fires a ray that blasts all enemies in straight line far away while dealing P.DMG. Enemies blasted beyond a certain range will be stunned for 5 sec.
WB Avalanche.png Avalanche
Every 3 sec, apply 1 stack of Avalanche. Upon reaching 5 stacks, attack 5 random enemies 3 times, dealing massive P.DMG and stunning them for 5 sec.
WB BoulderShell.png Boulder Shell
The gigantic Mountain Fortress is immune to Atk. Spd effects and ATK rises as time passes. Time by time, it will drop boulders on enemies, stunning them.


To score a high score here, you will need a team that can deal with 3 of this boss’s attack and be able to bring his CC bar down to then deal the real dmg. You will only need 1-2 DPS for this boss and have the rest of your team focus on CC, buffing or shielding/healing through boss attacks.

First off, the boss’s normal attack will mini stun your heroes, so don’t channel attacks right before the fist comes down

The boss has 2 major attacks that has to be dealt with:

  • Earth Blow - Watch for when the boss raises both fists. Make sure to Frey shield before the fist slams down. This will wipe your team at later timer. So make sure to shield, you don't want the stun anyways, which will cut your dps.
  • Ray of Annihilation When the boss pulls back and charges a ball with both hands, you need to shield with Frey’s shield or utilize some dmg reduction skill (Kau’s healing rain T3 for example). Make sure to time it for the full duration of the blast. If you run my team, you Kau T3 heal through the ray and Gau sk 2 to wake people up
  • Another way to deal with both attacks is to stun the boss by emptying his CC bar. Practice with your team and you will understanding the timing for this.

Bringing down the CC bar:

Given the boss will take amplified dmg when he is down after being stunned, bringing down the CC bar is important.

In normal mode, just use some low cd and physical cc whenever it is up. Try to stagger them so that it doesn't give time for the boss to recover CC bar.

When the boss goes into defense mode (he raises rocks up and smashes his fists together), he will be more vulnerable to CC through mdmg. You essentially have 15s to bring him down, otherwise, his Avalanche stacks will very likely wipe your team. At this point, throw all your CCs and mdmg skills (save the major dps ones for when he is down).

From time to time boulders will fall and stun your heroes, but this can mostly be ignored as you can’t prevent this and this is mostly random. **Don’t confuse this with the defence mode avalanche**.

Lastly when the boss’s CC bar is emptied, the core will be exposed for a few seconds, and this is when you unload your DPS on the boss. This is also when you unleash the remaining buffs to really boost dmg.

My Main Team: Frey, Kau, Aisha, Pris
My Sub Team: Lewisia, Dimael, Jane, Gau
I can currently do around 12B with this team, but I can no longer make top 100.

Video to come soon

World Boss
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