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Basic Information[edit]

How to start the World Boss?[edit]

Once one of your heroes reaches Lv.60, the World Boss will appear.

How to join the World Boss?[edit]

Click the World Boss Icon right above the Raid Icon.

Main Party (4 Players) & Sub Party (4 Players) – Total 8 Players to attend the battle.[edit]

  • You still can play the World Boss even if you have less than 8 heroes.
  • Main Party: You can control your heroes manually. (Auto Battle / Manual Battle)
  • Sub Party: You cannot control your heroes manually. (Auto Battle)

When does the World Boss start?[edit]

You can access to the World Boss from 00:00 Monday through 24:00 Saturday. (Server Time) From Monday till you hunt down the World Boss, you will be competing other players in ranks based on how much DMG you have given to the World Boss.

Whoever succeeds the last hit to the World Boss will get a reward, and then the World Boss will be closed automatically.

When you fail to make the World Boss’s HP to “0”, it will disappear automatically at 24:00 Saturday (Server time)

World Boss Tickets won’t be stacked[edit]

You will get 2 tickets every day. You can own max 2 tickets.
A ticket will be consumed upon starting the battle.
Note: You’d better use your 2 tickets every day!

What about World Boss Rewards?[edit]

You can get rewards only by participating then you will receive a reward based on DMG dealt. You will be able to acquire Gold and "World Boss Points or Crystallized Powder” as rewards.

Dealt DMG World Boss Points
Below 50,000,000 250
Above 50,000,000 300
Above 100,000,000 350
Above 150,000,000 400
Above 200,000,000 450
Above 500,000,000 600
Above 1,000,000,000 700
Above 2,000,000,000 800
Above 3,000,000,000 900
Above 4,000,000,000 1000
Above 6,000,000,000 1100
Above 10,000,000,000 1200

As of Oct 13, 2017. A "World Boss Treasure Box" will be give for participating. You will be able to acquire one of the boxes randomly; Rare, Heroic, Ancient, Legendary. Note: You can only acquire one of the listed items from the box

Rare Heroic Ancient Legendary
Item QTY Item QTY Item QTY Item QTY
Mysterious Fragments 20 Mysterious Fragments 40 Mysterious Fragments 80 Mysterious Fragments 200
Ruby 150 Ruby 300 Ruby 600 Ruby 1,500
Gold 150,000 Gold 300,000 Gold 600,000 Gold 1,500,000
Random UW Ticket 1 Random UW Ticket 1 Random UW Ticket 1 Random UW Ticket 1
Artifact Piece 100 Artifact Piece 150 Artifact Piece 200 Artifact Piece 500
UW Fragments 50 UW Fragments 100 UW Fragments 200 UW Fragments 500
Magic Powder 1,000 Magic Powder 2,000 Magic Powder 4,000 Magic Powder 10,000
Stone of Infinity 1 Stone of Infinity 1 Stone of Infinity 1 Stone of Infinity 1
Mysterious Rune: Heroic 1 Mysterious Rune: Heroic 2 Mysterious Rune: Heroic 4 Mysterious Rune: Heroic 10
Mysterious Rune: Ancient 1 Mysterious Rune: Ancient 2 Mysterious Rune: Ancient 4 Mysterious Rune: Ancient 10

Dealt DMG will be stacked. Ranks will be determined based on stacked DMG. The more DMG you gave, the more rank rewards you will get.

Daily Season
Rank Powder Rubies Powder
1 Crystallized Powder 2000 Ruby 1500 Crystallized Powder 2000
2 Crystallized Powder 1800 Ruby 1200 Crystallized Powder 1800
3 Crystallized Powder 1700 Ruby 1050 Crystallized Powder 1700
4 - 10 Crystallized Powder 1600 Ruby 900 Crystallized Powder 1600
11 - 100 Crystallized Powder 1450 Ruby 750 Crystallized Powder 1450
Upper 1% Crystallized Powder 1300 Ruby 600 Crystallized Powder 1300
Upper 5% Crystallized Powder 1200 Ruby 450 Crystallized Powder 1200
Upper 10% Crystallized Powder 1000 Ruby 375 Crystallized Powder 1000
Upper 25% Crystallized Powder 800 Ruby 300 Crystallized Powder 800
Upper 50% Crystallized Powder 600 Ruby 225 Crystallized Powder 600
Upper 100% Crystallized Powder 400 Ruby 150 Crystallized Powder 400

Wait for the chance for the Last Hit![edit]

Only ONE Raider will get the honor! For the last hit reward!

Who Reward Item 1 Reward Item 2
The Last Hitter Random UW x1 1000

Where do I use acquired World Boss Points/Crystallized Powder?[edit]

You can use acquired World Boss Points to purchase 3 kinds of Artifacts via World Boss Shop in the Orvel Castle. 3 new Artifacts cannot be chosen by Special Item Summon, Restore Artifacts or Artifact Ticket. Those can be purchased ONLY by World Boss Points


Artifacts can be bought from Orvel Castle

Source: King's Raid Official Cafe, Patch Note 13th Oct 2017

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