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Cursed Root of the World Tree
[Strike of the Gaint Beast] deals massive DMG to knocked over enemies. Clear the knocked over state of [Gaint Earthquake] or use heroes with [CC Resistance] skills are advantageous in this stage.
Recommended Heroes
Gauico.png Rephyico.png Annetteico.png


GrXakios1.png Strike of the Giant Beast
Deals P.DMG to frontal enemies. If they were knocked over when hit, deals even greater P.DMG.
GrXakios2.png Giant Earthquake (Cooldown: 17s)
Strikes the ground 3 times, dealing P.DMG to all enemies. The last hit knocks all enemies over for 8 sec.
GrXakios3.png Acid Breath (Cooldown: 25s)
Gathers energy and exhales an acid breath that deals M.DMG to all enemies and reduces M.DMG.
GrAuthority.png Authority
Increases ATK every 10 sec. Each time this monster is inflicted by CC, increase own CC resist.
GrPurify.png Purify
Every 30 sec, remove all negative effects and increase ATK SPD.


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