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Herald of Blood Moon

5 star costume

Class Wizard
Atk Type Magical
Position Middle
Grade ★★★★★
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The mysterious wizard girl, Xerah, was created by Tidhar to spread darkness over the world. She has been waiting for the time, mixed in the human society, wearing many different personas. The darkness has become powerful, and the blood moon has risen now. Xerah begins her move to execute the will of Tidhar.


Good for Arena with main-DPS killing ability with first skill (S1). She can dispel but it's hard to build up the passive stats while also buff ATK for allies. Also incredibly good for Shakmeh (her UW reduces mana) and WB3 (70% heal reduction).

Pros and Cons[edit]

Pros : - Very good for shakmeh - Her autosustain is great



Try to get her passive to stage 2 by activating any skill depend on situation to take out opponent main DPS


Orbs of Darkness Orbs of Darkness[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 5 sec Cooldown
Throws 6 orbs of darkness, dealing 311,646 M.DMG to a random enemy and enemies in a circular range of the target. When Xerah is in [Darkness Awakened] state, increases DMG of [Orbs of Darkness], and reduces Cooldown. [Crest of Extortion Level 1 Effect] Destroys shield from the target.

 20 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Beginner DMG is increased by 25%.

Crest of Extortion Crest of Extortion[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.png 17 sec Cooldown
Dispels negative effects from self and casts Crest of Extortion that lasts permanently on self. If Xerah already possesses a Crest of Extortion, the level of Crest of Extortion increases instead. [Crest of Extortion] Deals 168,847 M.DMG to a random enemy every 5 sec. Level 1: Adds an additional effect to [Orbs of Darkness] Skill. Level 2: Effect activation interval changes to 4 sec, and adds an additional effect to [Blood Moon] Skill. Level 3: Effect activation interval changes to 3 sec, and [Crest of Extortion] Skill changes to [Crest Bestowal] Skill.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 25%.

Crest Bestowal Crest Bestowal[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.png 17 sec Cooldown
Activates upon reaching Crest of Extortion Level 3. Upon use, dispels negative effects from self and bestows the power of the Crest of Extortion to an ally with the lowest HP. The ally instantly recovers 1 orb of Mana, heals its HP for 5 sec, and gains Immunity to CC.

 20 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Intermediate DMG is increased by 25%.

Blood Moon Blood Moon[edit]

Mana Mana.pngMana.pngMana.pngMana.png 25 sec Cooldown
Creates a [Blood Moon] for 10 sec. For the duration of Blood Moon, increases ATK of all allies, reduces DMG taken by 20%, constantly deals M.DMG to all enemies, and reduces their Heal Rate by 50%.[Crest of Extortion Level 2 Effect] Boosts the effect all allies receive by double.

 20 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Expert DMG is increased by 25%.

Darkness Awakened Darkness Awakened[edit]

Upon using a Skill, if Xerah is not in Darkness Awakened state, gains an irremovable stack of [Darkness].Upon gaining [Darkness] stacks, Xerah consumes the stacks to enter [Darkness Awakened] state that is irremovable, increasing Lifesteal and dealing increased DMG to Non-Hero enemies. When Xerah takes fatal DMG while in [Darkness Awakened] state, [Darkness Awakened] becomes deactivated, consumes entire Mana of self, and heals HP. Afterward, Xerah cannot gain any Darkness stacks for a certain time.

 20 Skill Book: Master HP Recovery is increased by 10%.
 60 Skill Book: Master HP Recovery is increased by 15%.
120 Skill Book: Master HP Recovery is increased by 25%.

Transcendence Perks[edit]

Transcendence 3[edit]

Orbs of Darkness Orbs of Darkness[edit]

[Light] Recovers 1 of Mana upon use.
[Dark] Increase Mana Cost by 1 and changes the target to the enemy with the highest ATK.

Crest of Extortion/Crest Bestowal Crest of Extortion/Crest Bestowal[edit]

[Light] [Crest of Extortion/Crest Bestowal] Gains immunity to All DMG while in use.
[Dark] For the duration of the [Crest Bestowal] effect, the ally takes 20% reduced DMG.

Blood Moon Blood Moon[edit]

[Light] Increases Mana Cost by 1. Upon use, dispels negative effects from self, and for the duration of Skill, continuously dispels negative effects from all allies.
[Dark] Increases M.DMG the enemy takes by 30% for the duration of Skill.

Darkness Awakened Darkness Awakened[edit]

[Light] While in [Darkness Awakened] state, changes the DMG Boost effect against Non-Hero enemies to 100%.
[Dark] At the begining od every battle, enters [Darkness Awakened] state, and becomes unable to gain [Darkness] stacks for 40 sec.

Transcendence 5[edit]

Xerah Xerah[edit]

[Light] ATK, DEF, HP +15% / Crit Chance +100
[Dark] Dealing DMG wit normal or Skill attacks increases M.DMG the target takes by 2% for 20 sec and reduces it's Heal Rate by 2%. This effect can be stacked up to max 10 times.

Unique Weapon[edit]

Crest of Extortion, Kaliosk
Crest of Extortion, Kaliosk
Star Value Value Value
Increases Crit DMG by 20% and dealing DMG with [Crest of Extortion] Skill reduces the target's Mana by 500 and recovers own Mana by 500
24% 600 600
★★ 29% 700 700
★★★ 35% 800 800
★★★★ 42% 900 900
★★★★★ 50% 1000 1000
  • Item introduction: A chained pendulum that was forged from the power of darkness by Tidhar to support Xerah's activities. The power of darkness pulses within the pendulum, and the chains move as if it's alive. The moment a target is attacked by this pendulum, they feel as if the attack erodes their body and soul. As the battle progresses, their soul will wither away, making them feel as if they gave fallen into the very bottom of an abyss. This tool is a useful weapon in battle, but it also has another significant role. It bestows Xerah, an artificial being, the reason for her existence through the extortion of others. By doing so, Xerah can disguise her very existance and be accepted by others as someone who originally existed in this world.

1st Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Astral Orb
Astral Orb
Star Value
[Orbs of Darkness] Increases DMG by 20% and inflicts Stun on the hit enemy for 1 sec.
★★ 29%
★★★ 35%
★★★★ 42%
★★★★★ 50%
  • Item Introduction: A mysterious orb that features the galaxy and stars inside. Nobody exactly knows what's inside it, or where it's channeling, but the powerful energy within the orb suggests that the orb is no ordinary magic device. Xerah communicates with Tidhar through this orb, reporting her progress or receiving her missions. She also uses it as part of her disguise as a fortune teller, pretending to look into a passerby couple's future.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Blood Moon Amulet
Blood Moon Amulet
Star Value
[Crest of Extortion] Reduces Cooldown by 7 sec. [Crest Bestowal] Changes the number of targets to 4 and increases the duration of the effect by 2 sec.
★★ 2.9
★★★ 3.5
★★★★ 4.2
★★★★★ 5
  • Item Introduction: An amulet adorned with a gem that resembles the blood moon. While it may look like a beautiful accessory, it's actually a tool/medium that enhances the power of darkness. The power of darkness enhanced by the amulet can be absorb the darkness around, growing strong enough to trigger the Eclipse phenomenon. Once the Eclipse is triggered, it then harvests the enormous power of darkness tat was created by the Eclipse to the amulet. Through these processes, Xerah's amulet now holds massive darkness energy. Only Xerah and her creators know where and how this power will be used.

3rd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Puppet Doll
Puppet Doll
Star Value
[Blood Moon] Recovers Mana of all allies by 100 every sec for the duration of Skill, and changes the Heal Rate Reduction effect inflicted upon hit enemy to 80%.
★★ 140
★★★ 170
★★★★ 210
★★★★★ 250
  • Item introduction: A puppet doll that Xerah received from Shakmeh during her days helping him abroad to earn his his trust. Shekmeh and Xerah were visiting the town on their day off when they came across a puppet show.Amused at the fact that Xerah took an interest in a puppet show when she was indifferent towards any other extravagant show. Shakmeh gave one of the puppet dolls used at the show to Xerah as a birthday gift. Shakmeh probably thought that Xerah just really liked the puppet show, but... Xerah could only come up with a bittersweet smile at his gift.

4th Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

Portrait of an Unknown Girl
Portrait of an Unknown Girl
Star Value
[Darkness Awakened] Increases the duration by 2 sec, and changes the duration in which [Darkness] stacks cannot be gained upon receiving fatal DMG to 4 sec.
★★ 2.9
★★★ 3.5
★★★★ 4.2
★★★★★ 5
  • Item Introduction: When Xerah was attending the academy for her mission, she had to draw a self-portrait as part of her electives. Excelling in everything, Xerah painted her way through the canvas, but she could not seem to draw her face nnor her expression. Te class was over, and a portrait with a faceless girl stood silently in front of Xerah.

Soul Weapon[edit]

Crest of Extortion, Kaliosk
Crest of Extortion, Kaliosk
Cooldown Skill Activation Requirement Advancement Phase 1
Summons the soul of Crest of Extortion, Kaliosk, for 10 sec, dealing M.DMG to an enemy with the highest ATK. For the duration of the soul, reduces target's ATK by 20%, Mana by 250 every sec, and increases own ATK by 30%. 22 sec Charges up upon using Skills 5 times. Changes Skill Activation Requirements to 4 times, reduces ATK Reduction effect to 30%, and Boost effect to 50%.
Available Use(s) Advancement Phase 2
6 Upon use, immediately enters Darkness Awakened state for 10 sec.
  • Soul Weapon Story: Xerah was just a scarecrow. Just a mere scarecrow created to chase away the birds. All she could do was watch, watch, and watch again. She watched the world as countless generations appeared, thrived, declined, and disappeared. After a very long time, all she felt with her heart was emptiness. It was only natural since she didn't have meaning to begin with. Her only joy in life was to watch the birds soar above her. The birds that would freely fly through the vast sky, unchained to anything. When one of the small birds casually sat on her shoulder, Xerah smiled to herself. A cry that was more like a shriek pierced the sky, and a destroyed bird fell onto the ground. There was no room in her heart for other feelings, for her heart with already full of darkness. She tightened her grip which still lingered with cruel pleasure and smiled. "-If I can't have it... no one can."


Behind the Development: Herald of the Blood Moon ‘Xerah’


  • Her actual age is unknown, but she is 17 in human years.
  • Her race is unknown but she is a humanoid.
  • She is 165cm (around 5'4' feet)
  • Her birthday is April 19th.
  • Her constellation is Amil the Saint.
  • She likes darkness, the moon, puppet shows, history book (very old), people with negative emotions
  • She dislikes angels, demons, humans, animals, plants, basically anything of this world, and innocent child-like beings.
  • She is the fourth non NPC Hero to be released as a 5 star only hero, the first being Kirze, the second being Kibera, and the third being Taily.

Hero's Backstory

Xerah was created by Tidhar and to spread the darkness, she has come to this world.The Fall of the ancient Sekireinel Kingdom, the eclipse phenomenon, and more mysterious phenomenon. All of these were not just a coincidence, but was a wholesome process and a part of a plan that has been prepared for a long time. Fortunately, there are some people who do not back up to these dreary scheme. The heroes that acknowledged the dark and furtive movement respond with their own belief. The Tower of Sage that has been digging into the darkness forever, would send their voluminous record and their best assistant who knows it more than anyone else. Now, Xerah must deceive the heroes, exploit them, and destroy them to complete the plans, missions, to process what Tidhar has ordered. For the final day that complete darkness would tip down and swallow everything.

And, what Xerah would face in the end of the plan…

Is it truly what she wanted?

Or, is it something else she has no clue?

Hero's in game Story

A girl that the Tidhar created to discreetly impose their will on the world. She hides her identity, concealing herself amidst the shadows, operating among regular people. Her main purpose is to gather the power of darkness for the advent and find an ideal vessel from the ancient kingdom of Sekireinel, but the heroes from Sekireinel and a certain mighty-being twarted her plans. But Xerah was not frustrated nor disappointed. The longer it took, the more she'll enjoy destroying this world.


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