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Prince of Sandstorms

3 star costume

5 star costume

Class Archer
Atk Type Physical
Position Middle
Grade ★★★


Prince of Sandstorms: A descendant of the ancient God King. A refined young man who stood up to defend the desert. The sandstorm he summons with his arrow engulfs his enemies, ridding the world of their existence.


Transcendence Perks[edit]

Unique Weapon[edit]

  • Item Introduction: An ancient weapon forged for the most glorious being on earth. Only permitted to the successor to the God King, one should undergo tremendous ordeals to prove his worth as its owner. This bow, allowed only for the chosen successor to the God King, has absolute power in the desert.

Unique Treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: A magical sword passed down through the God King's descendants. The name 'Oasis' comes from how it was used to serve the people in dire times. After the kingdom fell, its whereabouts was unknown to the world until Zafir saw it among Kumuro's art collections and brought it at an incredibly high price. With the sword finally returning to the worthy descendant, Zafir was able to inherit his forefather's spirits, maximizing his potentials.

2nd Skill Unique Treasure[edit]

  • Item Introduction: An hourglass that was buried underground for a long time by an enormous sandstorm that struck Aegina Desert. When the sand in the hourglass moves, it calls for the mirage of an ancient city coming back to life. The high priest of the ancient kingdom used this to show the glory of the kingdom to its people in the past. Seeing their city shining in gold, people grew proud of their kingdom.


  • Zafir is a 20 year old young prince.
  • He is 185cm (about 6'0' feet)
  • His birthday is July 30th which is the month of harmony.
  • His constellation is Notmun the Turner.
  • He likes cats, sand art and people in the desert.
  • He dislikes those who try to harm the people who he cares for.
  • Like Artemia, Zafir is a young ruler with many responsibilities. He is the leader of a tribe, guardian of the desert and heir to the former King of the fallen kingdom.
  • Special credits to king's raid player 'BeatFang' for sending screenshots of Zafir and help edit our wiki.

Story from the game: A prince and successor to the God King of the ancient desert kingdom who possesses the power to control desert sand. As the young leader of the Mauhata tribe of Desert Warriors, he has been trained and educated to be the worthy successor to the great king. When the Trovatia tribe, their sworn brothers, were praying at the Shrine of Flow to awake the God Dragon, he led his warriors to defeat all demons approaching the Oasis. Assisted by the God Dragon and Laudia, her priestess, he is fulfilling his role as a Desert Warrior defending his home. He hopes his efforts make the late God King proud.


Story from the patch notes:

A Prince and successor to the God King of the ancient desert kingdom who possesses the power to control desert sand. He was born with an ability to control sands, and he believes his power was given by the Ancient God King. As the young leader of the Mauhata tribe of Desert Warriors, he has missions to protect Aegina Desert from the demon army. By the time when the demon armies approached the desert, he was already on his way to the battlefield with his men.


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